Control Zone Kits


Rain Bird Control Zone Kits provide all of the components necessary for on/off control, filtration, and pressure regulation in a single package, making them simple to order and easy to install. Rain Bird offers the most complete line of Control Zone Kits, for the flexibility to meet every need from 0.2 to 62 gpm. Control Zone Kits provide savings, convenience and reliability you can trust. All backed with a 3 yr. warranty.

Use the Control Zone Kits Selection Guide to choose the best option for your drip zone.

Importance of the Control Zone Kit

Control Zone kits include all components for optimal operation and long term health of the drip zone:

on off valves

On/Off Control Valves allow for modulation of the flow rate through the system, and prevention of back flow.


Filters remove particulates from the water preventing plant loss from clogged emitters.


Pressure Regulators prevent leaks, emitter blowouts, and irregular water application.

Build vs Buy

Why you should build a Control Zone Kit, instead of building it out of the individual components:


  • Save $ when you buy the kit verses purchase of individual components
  • Preassembled models or prepackaged components provide time savings on installation


  • Fewer parts and fewer threaded connections mean less chance of leaking / maintenance calls
  • Highest quality components from Rain Bird, that has been tested as a kit for reliable performance 


  • Convenient choices of models to meet the needs for diverse zones
  • Be ready at installation with prepackaged and/or preassembled components

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