Pressure-Regulating Technologies

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Get More Efficiency from Every Drop

Regulating the water pressure within an irrigation system is one of the most powerful ways to save water—and Rain Bird has a full line of products to do it. As increasing restrictions and regulations impact communities nationwide, these technologies are more valuable than ever. Give your business and your customers a solution that’s ready for whatever the future brings.

The Perfect Pair

Designed to work together, 1800® PRS-45 Spray Bodies 
and R-VAN Rotary Nozzles deliver superior results.

1800 Series Spray Bodies

As the world’s #1 commercial-grade spray body, the 1800 Series delivers performance and efficiency that’s been proven for decades.

  • New PRS-45 models include pressure-regulating stems that deliver constant outlet pressure of 45 psi
  • Numerous pop-up heights offer versatility for any application: 4”, 6” and 12”  

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1800 Series Sprays
R-VAN Rotary Nozzles

R-VAN Rotary Nozzles

As a high-efficiency option offered at a value price, R-VAN Rotary Nozzles help your business save money and water with every job.

  • With a recommended operating pressure of 45 psi, R-VAN is the ideal nozzle for 1800 PRS-45 Spray Bodies
  • Matched precipitation across radius, arc and pattern types leads to easier installation

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A Growing Movement for PRS Sprays

Regulating water pressure within an irrigation system is one of the most powerful ways to save water, and more states are requiring pressure-regulating stems within spray heads. Click below to view state-specific regulations. View our conversion guide to see recommended PRS models for states with PRS requirements. Also use the water savings calculator to estimate your potential savings no matter where your business is located.

July 1, 2020: Vermont
October 1, 2020: California
January 1, 2021: Colorado, Hawaii and Washington

January 1, 2022: Massachusetts

March 15, 2022: Washington, D.C.

PRS Conversion Guide   Water Savings Calculator

Pressure Regulation at Every Point

With Rain Bird, there are several ways to regulate water pressure within your system, including PRS Sprays, PRS Rotors and a PRS-Dial for valves. See the benefits each of these products offer, and why investing in pressure regulation makes sense for your bottom line. 


PRS Watersense Products

Rain Bird WaterSense-Certified Solutions

Throughout our product lineup, Rain Bird offers select models that meet the standards for WaterSense certification. Look for these products, and set your business up for success as regulations continue to evolve.

RD1800 Series 1800 Series PA8S Series ESP-ME3 LNK™ WiFi IQ™4

*ESP-ME3 is certified when paired with LNK WiFi and WR2 Rain Sensor.

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