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Rain Bird has decades of experience addressing the unique challenges of park irrigation. With the most innovative and specialized suite of products in the industry, you'll experience the intelligent use of water

Prestigious Museum Complex, Giza, Egypt - Site Report Thumbnail
Conserve Water

Prestigious Museum Complex, Giza, Egypt

New Museum Uses Rain Bird® Irrigation System to Conserve Water & Maximize Budget

Yanbu Thumbnail
Low Volume Irrigation

Yanbu Royal Commission, Saudi Arabia

The Yanbu Royal Commission Uses Rain Bird® Solutions to Improve & Streamline Water Conservation Efforts

Veterans Field Thumbnail
Remote Solutions

Veterans Field Park, Edgewater, New Jersey

Multiuse Park Maintains High-Quality Turf with Rain Bird® Central Control Technology

Parco Le Pradelle Thumbnail
Conserve Water

Parco Le Pradelle, Reggiolo, Reggio Emilia Italy

Italian Contractor, Spazio Verde® Uses Rain Bird® Products to Revitalize Parco Le Pradelle

Reflection Garden Site Report Thumbnail
Low Volume Irrigation

Reflection Garden, Aurora, Colorado

City of Aurora Uses Rain Bird® Products for Reflection Garden and Memorial

Campus Expansion Site Report Thumbnail
Remote Solutions

Corporate Campus Expansion, College Park, GA

IQ4 Central Control & Smart Valve Technology Team Up for a Complete Rebuild of 183 Zones

Legoland Thumbnail 440 x 250
Reclaimed/Dirty Water


LEGOLAND Uses Rain Bird Products to Improve & Simplify Irrigation System Management

Remote Solutions

Washington D.C. Parks and Recreation

With IQ NCC Communication Cartridges, DPR was able to upgrade the ESP-LXME Controllers to satellite controllers capable of being controlled by the IQ-Desktop.

Remote Solutions

Saigon Bridge Park

The existing irrigation system was also upgraded to utilize IQ-Cloud Central Control for maximum water efficiency and time savings.

Remote Solutions

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Traffic and Transportation

Since 2015, Ho Chi Minh City has been using IQ-Cloud Central Control to manage the irrigation throughout the public green spaces in parks and street medians. IQ-Cloud was chosen to help reduce water usage and labor costs.

Large/Complex Projects

Denver Botanic Gardens

In addition to 378 irrigation zones, Devin Riles, irrigation water manager for the Gardens, uses Rain Bird’s SiteControl Central Control System to manage landscape lighting, audio programming, holiday lighting, misting systems and emergency mainline master valves for a grand total of 420 stations.

Remote Solutions

City of Bakersfield (CA) Recreation & Parks Department

Maxicom2 helps the City of Bakersfield Recreation & Parks Department save a tremendous amount of time and money when it comes to programming and monitoring their sites.