Medium Flow Control Zone Kits with PR Filter

Rain Bird Control Zone Kits provide all of the components necessary for on/off control, filtration, and pressure regulation in a single package, making them simple to order and easy to install.


Operating Range

  • Flow: 3 to 15 gpm (11.4 to 56.8 l/m)
  • Inlet pressure: 20 to 150 psi (1.4 to 10.3 bar)
  • Filtration: 200 mesh stainless steel screen (75 micron)
  • Regulated pressure: 40 psi (2.8 bar)

Replacement Screen

  • RBY-200SSMX (200 mesh stainless steel screen)


Installation Note

  • When installing indoors or on a design where the emission points are more than 5ft. above the Control Zone Kit, you must install a check valve after the pressure regulating filter (RBY or Basket Filter).  The regulator has a permeable white dot that is designed to relieve excess pressure by slowly releasing water droplets.
  • Filter must be installed downstream of any valve; warranty will be void if installed under constant pressure.

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