Low Flow Control Zone Kits with PR Filter

Rain Bird Control Zone Kits provide all of the components necessary for on/off control, filtration, and pressure regulation in a single package, making them simple to order and easy to install.



Reliable Control Zone Kits that include the Low Flow Valve, the only valve on the market that can handle low flows (below 3 gpm) without weeping
Shorter kits with only two components (valve plus pressure-regulating filter) mean that you can fit more Control Zone Kits in a valve box, saving time and money
These PR Filter kits provide on/off control, filtration, and pressure regulation with fewer components; so there is less chance of leakage at the connections, both at installation and over the life of the system


Operating Range
Flow:  XCZ-075-PRF: 0.2 to 5.0 gpm; (0.8 to 18.91 l/m) XCZ-LF-100-PRF: 0.2 to 10.0 gpm; (0.8 to 37.85 l/m)  
Inlet pressure: 20 to 150 psi (1.4 to 10.3 bar)
Regulated pressure:   XCZ-075-PRF - 30psi (2.1 bar) XCZ-LF-100-PRF - 40 psi (2.8 bar)
Filtration: 200 mesh stainless steel screen (75 micron)Models


XCZ-075-PRF: 10" Length
XCZLF-100-PRF: 10" Length

Model Comparison

  • XCZ-075-PRF: ¾" Low Flow Valve with ¾" PR RBY Filter (Assembled)
  • Flow: 0.2 to 5.0 gpm (0.8 to 18.91 l/m)
  • XCZLF-100-PRF: 1" Low Flow Valve with 1" PR RBY Filter (Assembled)
  • Flow: 0.2 to 10.0 gpm (0.8 to 37.85 l/m)
  • Replacement Screen

  • RBY-200SSMX: (200 mesh stainless steel screen)
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