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Watering Trees

May 19 8am & 4pm (PT)

Our May webinar will present various solutions to watering trees. We’ll review how a one size approach does not fit all situations and explore best practices for different conditions.

  • Using real-world examples, our experts will present solutions on how to deliver water in a variety of ways
  • Discuss the process of matching the best watering practices depending on soil type, climate and surrounding environment
  • Answer your questions on the solutions to watering trees

This webinar qualifies for one IA CEU – Use code IA04211-1L


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June 23, 2021: Premier Irrigation Projects 


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Denver Botanic Gardens

Water Saving Products

In this webinar we focus on water-efficient products for turf landscapes and how to match the best products to solve challenges in the design, installation, and maintenance phases.

This webinar qualifies for one IA CEU – Use code IA04211-1K


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Choosing Filtration - March 2021

Learn more about filtration options and how to choose the right type of filter for your water source, filtration level, contaminants and space available. Our filtration experts discuss the difference between micron and mesh, maintenance considerations and the difference between primary and secondary filtration.

This webinar qualifies for one IA CEU – Use code IA04211-1J


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Drip Irrigation on Slopes

Choosing the Right Irrigation Products in Challenging Situations - February 2021

In this webinar, we presented challenging irrigation scenarios and discuss the best practices and products that provide the most effective solutions.

This webinar qualifies for one IA CEU – Use code IA04211-1I


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WaterSense - Map

Regulatory Trends in Saving Water - January 2021

In this webinar we review some recent regulatory trends in the irrigation industry in the United States and what steps companies are taking to prepare for new regulations

This webinar qualifies for one IA CEU – Use code IA04211-1H


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Denver Botanic Gardens

Overcoming Challenges with Two-Wire Systems – December 2020

Learn practical tips to ensure successful installation and how to overcome challenges faster and easier.

This webinar qualifies for one IA CEU – Use code IA04211-1G


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Irrigation Pump Stations—What You Need to Know – November 2020

Our pump experts talk about pump operation basics and how to select the right pump station to ensure peak performance.

This webinar qualifies for one IA CEU – Use code IA04211-1F


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XBCV 1 GPH watering plants

Challenges and Opportunities in Drip Irrigation – October 2020

Listen to our drip irrigation experts on how to learn about drip solutions that offer superior, long-lasting systems that will save money and water while being easy to maintain.

This webinar qualifies for one IA CEU – Use code IA04211-1E


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IQ4 Beauty

Increase Profitability Using Remote Water Management - Sept 2020

Remote water management can pay huge dividends. In this webinar Rain Bird experts discuss how you can use remote programming and control features to solve common challenges in irrigation projects.

This webinar qualifies for one IA CEU – Use code IA04211-1D


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Keep Up with New PRS Regulations - June 2020

Our June webinar discusses new pressure regulation (PRS) requirements for spray sprinklers sold in CA, CO, HI, VT, and WA. If you work in one of these states, you'll want to hear how the new legislation will affect you. We also cover how pressure regulation leads to water savings and system efficiency.

This webinar qualifies for one IA CEU – Use code IA04211-1C


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GSV Family Hero Shot

How to Select the Optimum Valve for Your Application - May 2020

With so many different valves on the market, it can be confusing to choose the optimum valve and feature set that will provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for your application. Learn how to differentiate and select the valve that will save water, time and money while maintaining high reliability in every application.

This webinar qualifies for one IA CEU – Use code IA04211-1B


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Save Time and Money on 2-Wire Projects with Revolutionary New SmartValve™ Technology - April 2020

New SmartValve technology stays in constant communication with the new ESP-LXIVM Controller to provide efficient irrigation and advanced diagnostics. Additionally, only half the number of wire splices are needed vs. a decoder-based system, improving installation costs and reliability.

This webinar qualifies for one IA CEU – Use code IA04211-1A


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