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Home Feature - ESP-Me & LNK

Smart Watering Made Simple in the Controllers You Already Know

Rain Bird's WiFi-ready controllers put you in control, anywhere in the world! Combine the LNK WiFi Module with the ESP-Me or ESP-TM2 for a state-of-the-art control solution.

Start the Clock. Stop the Waste. The Rain Bird WR2-48 Wireless Rain Sensor with 48 hour delay.

Start the Clock. Stop the Waste.

See the power of an automatic 48-hour delay with the WR2-48 Wireless Rain Sensor. It’s the easiest way to use less water and meet local restrictions.


Bring Big Savings to Larger Zones

Introducing the 1.5" Inline Control Zone Kit. Delivering a flow rate up to 62 gpm and a design that minimizes friction loss, it's the best option to save time and money when installing larger commercial drip or spray irrigation zones.

Rain Bird XFD Dripline

XFD Dripline: New Look - Same Great Performance

Stripes on Tube:  color designates flow rate

Laser Etching: easy to read, will not wear off

Drilled Holes: less visible to end users

New Coil Label: Useful, easy to read

XLR Series Water Jets

Introducing Rain Bird® XLR Series Water Jets

The world's most advanced long-range impact rotor.

Home Feature - Drip Retrofit Kit

Spray to Drip Retrofit Kit

The easiest and fastest way to convert a traditional spray zone into a water-saving drip irrigation zone.