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Rain Bird has decades of experience providing irrigation solutions for roadways and medians. With the most innovative and specialized suite of products in the industry, you'll experience the intelligent use of water

Award-Winning Median Landscaping with Low Depth Turf Area


This project has been awarded the prize of “Best railway system compatible to the environment"


The infrastructure of this railway system was designed and constructed to be based on a soil with a very little depth of turf area; hence the municipality was looking for a suitable irrigation system to overcome this challenge as well as water-saving purposes, wind resistance and flexibility in the chosen irrigation central control system

City of Kayseri, Turkey

Confidently Meet Industry Regulations and Environmental Challenges while Providing a Lush Landscape

St. Augustine Roadway, Jacksonville, Florida

“The beauty of the HE-VAN is that with one simple change we got a lot of benefits, like saving money, water, and time. We also anticipate decreased liability and reduced system wear and tear. Now we can confidently meet industry regulations and environmental challenges while providing a lush landscape that all can enjoy. That’s a lot of payback for just changing a nozzle!”

Brian Baker
Landscape/Irrigation Engineer

Approximately 400 VAN nozzles were retrofitted with the new, more efficient HE-VAN nozzle. Shortly after the installation, several weeks of hot, dry weather provided the first test. The results were impressive

Accident Prevention, Pedestrian Safety, and Increased Maintenance Due to Vandalism are Top Concerns


"We have had great success with XFS. It has helped reduce our water use by 40 percent and eliminated any challenges with regard to overspray on streets and walkways”

XFS-CV Flexibility TQ Right
Wael Ba Khidar
Project Engineer, Yanbu Commission

The commission chose XFS Subsurface Dripline for their streetscaping projects because it eliminated overspray and evaporation due to wind drift as well as additional maintenance costs and water waste due to vandalism and car accidents. Using XFS has helped to not only reduce water use by 40 percent but also produce green spaces that are a benefit to the community

Yanbu Royal Commission, Saudi Arabia