Roadways & Medians

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Rain Bird has decades of experience providing irrigation solutions for roadways and medians. With the most innovative and specialized suite of products in the industry, you'll experience the intelligent use of water

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Low Volume Irrigation

Project Kayseray, City of Kayseri, Turkey

The City of Kayseri Uses Rain Bird® Solutions to Manage Irrigation of its Railway Green Spaces

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Managing Overspray

Parkhurst Homeowners’ Association (HOA), Fullerton, California

HOA Uses Rain Bird® Products to Water Neighborhood More Efficiently

Low Volume Irrigation

Occidental Tower Corporation | Farmers Branch

Occidental Tower Corporation has achieved their goal of a more efficient irrigation system while maintaining a beautiful landscape.

Large/Complex Projects

Austin Shopping Center

The CLP Series Pump Station VFD provides slow ramp up, causing less stress on irrigation components and minimizes pressure surges in irrigation systems that have variable flow demand for different irrigation zones and no inline pressure regulation.

Conserve Water

St. Augustine Roadway

Distribution uniformity, run time reduction, and reduced consumption cost made possible with the installation of HE-VAN nozzles.