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Rethink Reclaimed

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Rethink Reclaimed

Only Rain Bird offers end-to-end solutions for reclaimed water applications.

For more than 90 years Rain Bird has been an advocate for the Intelligent Use of Water™ , leading the way in developing end-to-end solutions that help you get more from every drop of water.

Designed to stand up to harsh chemicals and debris content often found in reclaimed and non-potable water, Rain Bird’s reclaimed water products provide everything you need to deliver ultimate performance in harsh conditions.

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Rain Bird Reclaimed Water Solutions

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Pump Stations and Filtration

Rain Bird is the only irrigation manufacturer to offer pump stations, so you can take a fully integrated approach to reclaimed water irrigation with one trusted partner. By ensuring correct water pressure and delivering the right flow of water, our pump stations allow you to maximize the efficiency of your system. Rain Bird automatic filters keep irrigation systems free of the contaminants that degrade performance and efficiency.


Smart Controllers and Central Control

With features like ET-based (Evapotranspiration) scheduling, flow management, and Cycle+Soak™, Rain Bird Central Control and smart controllers help you eliminate overwatering and runoff that are undesirable in reclaimed water areas. When local water authorities require water use reporting, these systems allow you to report by water type [FloZones] to save you time and effort.


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Valves and Control Zone Kits

Constructed from heavy-duty, glass-filled nylon and designed with chlorine- and chemical resistant diaphragms and components, Rain Bird’s reclaimed water compatible valves will perform effectively year after year. Valve boxes with purple lids ensure everyone is aware of reclaimed water use.


Emission Devices

Designed to handle the challenges of all irrigation applications, Rain Bird’s reclaimed water compatible emission devices are engineered and built to last. Rain Bird’s technology features special internal components that filter debris from your system and can easily withstand chlorine and other chemicals that reduce a regular spray head's lifespan. Visible purple indicators ensure everyone knows reclaimed water is being used.


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