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Rain Bird Customer Success Stories

Committed to the Success of Irrigation Professionals Since 1933

Four Seasons 440 X 250 Thumbnail
Reclaimed/Dirty Water

Four Seasons Resort, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Luxury Resort Uses Rain Bird® to Irrigate Lush Landscaping Where Water Is Scarce

Red Sea Nursery - 440 x 250
Large/Complex Projects

The Red Sea Nursery Program, Umluj, Saudi Arabia

Nursery Partners with Rain Bird® to Assist with Mission to Provide 25 Million Plants by 2030

Reflection Garden Site Report Thumbnail
Low Volume Irrigation

Reflection Garden, Aurora, Colorado

City of Aurora Uses Rain Bird® Products for Reflection Garden and Memorial

Parkhurst HOA Site Report Thumbnail
Managing Overspray

Parkhurst Homeowners’ Association (HOA), Fullerton, California

HOA Uses Rain Bird® Products to Water Neighborhood More Efficiently

Hacienda Mobile Home Estates - Thumbnail
Low Volume Irrigation

Hacienda Mobile Home Estates, Montclair, California

Community Uses Rain Bird® Products to Conserve Resources & Observe State Restrictions

TECC-W Thumbnail
Conserve Water

Technology, Exploration and Career Center West (TECC-W), Lewisville, TX

TECC-W Installs Smart Rain Bird® Technology, Paving the Way for 40 More Properties Across the School District

Bahrain Turf Club 440 x 250
Tight Water Windows

The Bahrain Turf Club, Kingdom of Bahrain

The Bahrain Turf Club replaces outdated irrigation system with Rain Bird® products and improves turf quality with remote water management

AAA 440 x 250
Remote Solutions

AAA Landscape, Phoenix, AZ

IQ Central Control Saves Arizona Property Nearly 7,000 Gallons of Water in Just One Event

Barrel Springs 440 x 250
Conserve Water

Barrel Springs Elementary School, Palmdale, California

Barrel Springs Elementary School in Palmdale, CA Achieves Water Savings of 25% Using Rain Bird® Products

Benedictine 440 x 250
Large/Complex Projects

Benedictine College, Atchison, Kansas

Benedictine College uses Rain Bird® products to efficiently manage water use and irrigation remotely

Tight Water Windows

H-E-B Park, Edinburg, Texas

H-E-B Park, home of Rio Grande FC Toros, uses Rain Bird products to maintain premium turf quality throughout their stadium, playing fields, and grounds

Remote Solutions

Australian Capital Territory, Canberra, Australia

Australian Capital Territory Sports and Recreation Government Overhauls Existing Irrigation System with Superior, Water-Saving Rain Bird® Products

Minas Gerais 440 x 250

Minas Gerais Mining Complex, Brazil

Brazilian Mine Increases Safety & Profitability Through Dust Suppression with Rain Bird Products

Vale 440 x 250

Valé Iron Ore Facility, Brazil

Brazilian Mine Improves Air Quality by 53% with Rain Bird Products

Cabo Site Report Thumbnail 440 x 250
Reclaimed/Dirty Water

Solaz Resort, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Luxury Resort Recruits Rain Bird to Optimize Irrigation & Conserve Natural Resources

Large/Complex Projects

Global Multi-Sports Events, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Prominent Brazilian Sports Complexes, Courses, Parks & Stadiums Choose Rain Bird

Managing Overspray

Community Lutheran Church (CLC) & Saddleback Children’s Center | Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Rain Bird Donates Resources to Charitable Landscape Renovation Project

Nanjing Thumbnail 440 x 250
Managing Overspray

Nanjing South Railway Station | Nanjing, China

Nanjing Chuangjin Environmental Engineering Co. needed a modern system that would improve irrigation performance and efficiency...without breaking the budget.

PGA West Thumbnail 440 x 250
Conserve Water


An Oasis in the Desert Made Possible with Highly Efficient Irrigation & Management

Hideaway Thumbnail 440 x 250
Large/Complex Projects

The Hideaway, La Quinta, CA

Efficient Irrigation Delivers High-End Landscapes at The Hideaway

Campus Expansion Site Report Thumbnail
Remote Solutions

Corporate Campus Expansion, College Park, GA

IQ4 Central Control & Smart Valve Technology Team Up for a Complete Rebuild of 183 Zones

Arsenal training Ground
Tight Water Windows

Arsenal Training Ground—A Profile

Using New Technology to Manage Complex Watering Requirements

Large/Complex Projects

World-Class Soccer Stadiums, Brazil

World-Class Brazilian Soccer Stadiums Rely on Rain Bird to Provide Design, Installation & Project Management of their Irrigation Systems

Legoland Thumbnail 440 x 250
Reclaimed/Dirty Water


LEGOLAND Uses Rain Bird Products to Improve & Simplify Irrigation System Management

Conserve Water

Yanbu Royal Commission | Saudi Arabia

The Yanbu Royal Commission selected Rain Bird’s XFS Sub-Surface Dripline with Copper Shield™ technology as the solution to high maintenance costs, the inefficient use of water and it’s root-protection qualities.

Low Volume Irrigation

Western Municipal Water District

Drip irrigation is probably as important to the future of California’s landscape as the aqueducts were to the early Roman Empire.

Remote Solutions

Princess Noura Bint AbdulRahman University

SiteControl will manage the landscape irrigation system through 5 TWI’s, 27 ESP-SAT units, 195 flow sensors, and a Weather Station in addition to other Rain Bird products (solenoid valves, rotors, bubblers and emitters).

Remote Solutions

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University

The landscape department recently upgraded their central control system to Maxicom2® Central Control so they could automatically control which booster pump is used based on water tank levels.

Remote Solutions

Paul’s Pride Cattle Ranch

Using IQ’s SimulStations™, Paul can operate up to five stations at the same time, which allows him to maximize the capacity of his well and well pump more efficiently.

Conserve Water

Custom Home in Austin, Texas

Using the XFS-CV Dripline to irrigate their landscaping, the homeowners can water their entire property using only the rainwater they collect, even during the highest-demand season.


Guaíba Island Terminal | Valé Dust Control

Rain Bird sprinkler system provides dust control at mining operations. Air quality compliance improves 53% at Valé iron ore facility.


Minas Gerais Mining Complex

Minas Gerais used XLR Series Water Jets and SiteControl to provide more effective dust control, water savings, and increased the overall safety of the site.

Low Volume Irrigation

Occidental Tower Corporation | Farmers Branch

Occidental Tower Corporation has achieved their goal of a more efficient irrigation system while maintaining a beautiful landscape.

Large/Complex Projects

Austin Shopping Center

The CLP Series Pump Station VFD provides slow ramp up, causing less stress on irrigation components and minimizes pressure surges in irrigation systems that have variable flow demand for different irrigation zones and no inline pressure regulation.

Low Volume Irrigation

Sheraton Four Points Hotel and Resort

Rain Bird’s XFS Subsurface Dripline with Copper Shield™ Technology was selected to address the water conservation efforts.

Remote Solutions

Washington D.C. Parks and Recreation

With IQ NCC Communication Cartridges, DPR was able to upgrade the ESP-LXME Controllers to satellite controllers capable of being controlled by the IQ-Desktop.

Remote Solutions

Sai Gon Bridge Park

The existing irrigation system was also upgraded to utilize IQ-Cloud Central Control for maximum water efficiency and time savings.

Low Volume Irrigation

Aurora Water-wise Demonstration Garden at the Aurora Municipal Center

The XFS-CV Dripline features a special emitter with built-in 4.3 psi check valve to prevent low-point drainage and a patented copper shield to prevent root intrusion in subsurface installations. The QF Dripline Header offered the city a flexible solution for the supply header.

Remote Solutions

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Traffic and Transportation

Since 2015, Ho Chi Minh City has been using IQ-Cloud Central Control to manage the irrigation throughout the public green spaces in parks and street medians. IQ-Cloud was chosen to help reduce water usage and labor costs.

Large/Complex Projects

Denver Botanic Gardens

In addition to 378 irrigation zones, Devin Riles, irrigation water manager for the Gardens, uses Rain Bird’s SiteControl Central Control System to manage landscape lighting, audio programming, holiday lighting, misting systems and emergency mainline master valves for a grand total of 420 stations.

Remote Solutions

City of Bakersfield (CA) Recreation & Parks Department

Maxicom2 helps the City of Bakersfield Recreation & Parks Department save a tremendous amount of time and money when it comes to programming and monitoring their sites.

Conserve Water

Yanbu Smart Streetscaping

Using XFS has helped to not only reduce water use by 40 percent but also produce green spaces that are a benefit to the community.

Managing Overspray

KAYSERAY Project - Railway System Green Line

With the XFS Sub-surface Dripline, pedestrian ways, cars and trams were protected from being irrigated. Wind and evaporation loss were also eliminated by the irrigation through XFS Sub-surface Dripline.

Conserve Water

St. Augustine Roadway

Distribution uniformity, run time reduction, and reduced consumption cost made possible with the installation of HE-VAN nozzles.

Conserve Water

University of Toronto St. George Campus

The University of Toronto recently upgraded to the IQ-Desktop v. 3.0 to save time, increase efficiency and meet the requirements of a University-wide water conservation initiative. In the two years since its installation, IQ has helped U of T save over 10 million gallons of water.

Managing Overspray

Cobb County School District

Two schools in the Cobb County School District were retrofitted with RD1800™ PRS Sprays with Flow-Shield™ Technology with HE-VAN Nozzles, 5000 Plus PRS Rotors, and the Falcon® 6504 Rotor for a larger district-wide water saving initiative.

Conserve Water

British International School of Chicago, South Loop

The QF Dripline Header saved the installation team time and the school money. The ESP-SMTe Series Smart Irrigation Control System and weather station was also installed to provide accurate, weather-based control of irrigation schedules.

Large/Complex Projects

Benedictine College

The ability to expand the irrigation system was critical for the college’s future irrigation plans.

Conserve Water

Barrel Springs Elementary School

The results of PRS-Dials showed an impressive average water savings of 25 percent, which amounts to 3,536 gallons per irrigation cycle.

Managing Overspray

Parkhurst Homeowners’ Association

The association is now seeing savings of approximately 20 percent in the zones that have been fitted with SQ Series nozzles.

Conserve Water

Hacienda Mobile Home Estates

All three versions of Rain Bird’s dripline products are installed at the property: XFD On-Surface Dripline, XFS Subsurface Dripline and XFCV Dripline with Heavy-Duty Check Valve.

Remote Solutions

Casamia Hoi An Resort Development

The ESP-LXIVM reduced the number of wire splices, saving the property owner money on installation labor and reducing the risk of future ground faults.

Conserve Water

Norterra Pointe, Desert Ridge, and Tatum Highlands HOAs

IQ’s detection of excessive flow rates recently saved one property nearly 7,000 gallons of water during one event.

Large/Complex Projects

Stade Toulousain Training Center

The artificial pitch is equipped with the new XLR Water Jet bringing Highly uniform distribution which effectively irrigate large areas without flooding or pooling in overwatered zones

Low Volume Irrigation

Schreiner University Men’s Soccer Field

Conversion of existing over-head rotor irrigation system to sub-surface drip irrigation at the Men’s/Women’s Soccer Field located at Schreiner University

Remote Solutions

Rio Grande FC Toros

The entire site, including landscaped areas in the parking lot and surrounding the stadium, use Rain Bird commercial and drip irrigation products

Remote Solutions

Australian Capital Territory Parkland and Sportsgrounds System

Leveraging Central Control to manage sprawling parks and sports fields

Large/Complex Projects

Barra Sports Park & Athletic Housing Complex

A world-class athletic housing complex relies on Rain Bird irrigation systems to meet unique requirements

Conserve Water

Community Lutheran Church & Saddleback Children’s Center

Rain Bird products help community church and preschool transform their 30-year-old campus into a model of water efficiency and sustainable landscaping

Reclaimed/Dirty Water


Reclaimed Water and Tight Maintenance Schedules Are No Problem for LEGOLAND

Large/Complex Projects

World-Class Soccer Stadiums, 11 Locations, Brazil

Brazilian Soccer Stadiums Rely on Rain Bird Irrigation Systems

Arsenal training Ground
Tight Water Windows

Arsenal Football Club

Arsenal Football Club Leverages Technology to Achieve Intelligent Irrigation