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ST8-2.0 ST8 2.0

Smarter Watering Made Simple

Introducing the new ST8-WiFi Smart Irrigation Timer. Rain Bird puts control over your sprinkler system in the palm of your hand. Whether you’re outside in the garden or away from home, you’re always connected to your landscape.

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New Pressure Regulated (PRS) Pop-Up Sprays

With built-in pressure regulators, these high efficiency pop-up sprays save water by ensuring that just the right amount of water flows through the nozzle. Explore our full range of pop-up heights and spray patterns. Required in California, Vermont, Washington, Colorado and Hawaii.

Sprinkler Design Service Sprinkler Design Service

Free Sprinkler System Design Service

Fill out a simple form and sketch your yard, then let our designers do the rest. You get a complete set of sprinkler system plans and an itemized shopping list to help you install your irrigation system with confidence.

Homeowner/residential systems only. Free design package sent via email.  Expedited service including printed plans available for an additional fee.

Water Savings Rebates Rebates

Water Savings Rebates

Your local water district may offer incentives to help offset the cost of upgrading to water-efficient technologies. 

Woman planting flowers and installing drip Woman planting flowers with drip irrigation

Save Water and Keep Your Yard Healthier with Drip

What is the most efficient way to water your landscaping beds, vegetable garden and container plants? For non-grass areas like these, drip irrigation is an ideal watering solution that will provide great results while saving you water.