IQ4 Product Development Update – January 2022

The new IQ4 manual operations page consolidates all the manual operations into one easy-to-use interface making manual functions even easier to use in the field. This new page was introduced in November 2021. You can start, stop, and advance programs and/or stations with just a few clicks rather than navigating to many pages.  


IQ4 Manual Operations


The manual operations tab allows users to monitor and control all manual irrigation from one location.

  • Irrigation queue of operating, soaking, or pending stations
  • Flow alarms monitoring and healing
  • Start programs and/or stations
  • Cancel all irrigation
  • Advance selected station
  • Review events for the controller
  • Review and initiate diagnostics for the controller
  • Monitor status of weather sensors and master valves

You can read more about manual operations here.

More IQ4 Features Coming in 2022

There are still more Manual Operation features coming in the first quarter of 2022, including new diagnostics, Learned Flow and a new user level called Irrigation Tech. The Irrigation Tech role can have limited access to sites and can only use the Manual Operations page.

We have many new feature releases scheduled for IQ4 in 2022, including releasing some features that are currently only available in IQ3. If you missed our past articles about new feature releases in 2021, you can read them here:

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IQ4 Product Development Focus: Ease of Use, Speed and Efficiency

Please join us on Feb. 16 at our IQ4 Customer Form to review and learn more about manual operations. You can register here.


Thank you for being an IQ4 customer and joining the IQ Movement. We look forward to continuing improvements and features for the “Easy to Use” central control product from Rain Bird.

Thank you for being an IQ4 customer.

Rick Malkin,

IQ4 Product Manager


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