Control All Manual Irrigation from Redesigned Manual Operations Page

We’ve designed the manual operations page to give you quick access to the irrigation queue, settings, programs, events and diagnostics. In the manual operations page you can connect to satellite controllers and devices to monitor and control all manual irrigation from one location. You can view and manage these operations.

  • Manage the irrigation queue
  • View and change current settings
  • Flow alarms monitoring and healing
  • Start programs and/or stations
  • Cancel all irrigation
  • Advance selected station
  • Review events for the controller
  • Review and initiate diagnostics for the controller
  • Monitor status of weather sensors and master valves
  • Using special commands: i.e. downloading updated firmware to satellite controllers and viewing controller event logs


Under the manual operations tab you will see Irrigation Queue, Events and Diagnostics

Manual Operations


Once IQ4 connects to the satellite controller and retrieves current settings you will be able to see the current status of these items:


The satellite can be either Auto (automatic) or Off. If the satellite is Off, watering is suspended. It does not mean that there is no power to the device.

Rain Delay

The number of days remaining in a Rain Delay, as physically stored in satellite controller memory

Sensor Switch

This indicates the position of the Sensor Switch


Indicates the current status of watering based on the status of the installed sensor. The values are either normal or watering suspended, along with the name of the sensor.


Current irrigation mode



2-Wire Path (ESP-LXIVM/ESP-LXD only)

Current state of 2-wire path

Irrigation Queue Tab

IQ4 manual operations (settings)

You’ll see these items in the control panel on the irrigation queue


Makes a manual connection to the controller


Displays the controller settings. No editing

Flow Alarm

If there are any flow alarms, a red exclamation point will be displayed. Clicking the button will open the Flow Alarm dialog box to disposition


Current settings and irrigation queue will update immediately


  • Starts Program(s) or starts station(s)
  • Manual start station: activates one or more stations immediately
  • Manual start program: starts one or more programs immediately

Cancel All

Stops all irrigation on the controller immediately


Stops the selected station and activates the next pending station immediately


Displays Events for the past 7 days for just this controller


Displays Events for the past 7 days for just this controller

IQ4 Manual Operations Events


IQ4 Manual Operations Diagnostics


  • Displays the local sensor name and status
  • Displays the Master Valve name, type and status along with the Master Valve Water Window setup

ESP-LXD Controller

  • Displays the local and 2-wire sensor name and status
  • Displays the Master Valve(s) name, type and status along with the Master Valve Water Window setup
  • Displays the Line Survey Status including  voltage and current


  • Displays the current and voltage for the 2-wire system
  • Displays the status of each 2-wire path

To use Manual operations, you’ll need to set up these items first:

Controller Setup

  • Flow Sensors
  • Master Valves
  • Stations
  • Programs
  • Controller Level SimulStations
  • FloManager
  • FloWatch
  • Controller parameters (Auto/Off, Auto Sync, Scheduled Sync, etc.)

Program Setup

  • Start time(s)
  • Day(s) of operation
  • Program Level SimulStations
  • ET Adjust, Program Adjust

Station Setup

  • Flow rate(s): Manual, Learned flow (coming soon to IQ4)
  • Base Runtime(s)
  • Decoder/lVM addresses
  • FloZone assignments