Improvements Keep Coming to IQ4!

In March, we released a number of enhancements, new features and “behind the scenes” upgrades to IQ4. Customer response has been very positive.

One of the most sought-after features released is the ability to schedule synchronizations and log retrievals. Synchronizations can be scheduled once per day and log retrievals can be set for up to 24 times per day (once per hour). Manual synchronizations and manual log retrievals are still an option along with automatic synchronizations and automatic log retrievals currently in IQ4.

When using scheduled synchronizations and log retrievals, some best practices include:

  • Scheduled synchronizations need to be set BEFORE the first irrigation event each day
  • CAUTION: Scheduled synchronizations that interrupt irrigation will cancel all further irrigation until the next day’s first start time
  • Log retrieval times need to be set AFTER all irrigation has completed.  Reports may be incomplete if irrigation is still running when log retrievals are done
  • For more details, see IQ4 new features – 2021 training presentation

Additional key features released include:

  • Table edit function that allows users to edit controller station details in a spreadsheet format rather than each station individually.  This greatly speeds up the process of entering data for stations that cannot use the Batch Edit feature, such as decoder/IVM addresses and station flow rates.
  • Weather Widget for each controller that displays the next seven days weather forecast.  

IQ4 will continue to improve and add features on a systematic basis.  Some key items you will see in the future include remote diagnostics, automatic email reports and the return of Dryrun.

We look forward to continuing improvements and features for the “Easy to Use” central control product from Rain Bird.

Please join us on May 12 at our IQ4 Customer Form. You can register here.

Thank you for being an IQ4 customer.  

Rick Malkin,

IQ4 Product Manager


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