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Irrigation Products
by Rain Bird

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Irrigation Products
by Rain Bird

What is WaterSense?


WaterSense® is a program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that promotes water conservation through clear labeling of water-efficient products. The WaterSense label makes it quick and easy to identify products that can save water, energy, and money.


Did you know?—62% of homeowners deemed EPA WaterSense the most important sustainability designation?


Products marked with the WaterSense Label are Independently Certified to meet the performance criteria related to:

  • Flow rates at various pressures
  • Outlet flow rate
  • Irrigation adequacy


  • Irrigation excess
  • Supplemental capability requierments
  • Weather-based irrigation


What to look for:


WaterSense Logo

Identifies a water-efficient product that has been independently certified to meet EPA WaterSense criteria for efficiency and performance


"Look For" WaterSense Logo

The "Look For" label identifies products that can be used with WaterSense-certified products to create a certified system.




Start with Certified Rain Bird WaterSense Products


Spray Sprinkler Bodies

Examples of WaterSense Certified Products:


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