IQ4 Product Development Update

We’re happy to announce that Dryrun™ is now available to all IQ4 users.

The Dryrun simulator is an interactive simulation of the projected program/station operation and flow of water over time. The simulation uses the selected controller's current configuration properties (including modules, flow rates, programs, etc.) to create an easy-to-understand, snapshot projected watering output. The Dryrun Simulator also allows you to interact with the simulation, giving you the ability to move a cursor to display system status at one minute intervals in time.


Dryrun allows users to see projected irrigation with:

  • Stations running at any one time
  • Minute-by-minute flow rate
  • Total water usage
  • Overall program(s) duration runtime
  • Program start and end times

For more information on Dryrun, please read our latest operations tip.

We are also working on a number of more advanced features for release later this year to early next year such as advanced ET programming, scheduled reports (similar to auto reports), diagnostics, learned flow and others.  Stay tuned.

Thank you for being an IQ4 customer and joining the IQ Movement.  We look forward to continuing improvements and features for the “Easy to Use” central control product from Rain Bird.

Please join us on Nov. 10 at our IQ4 Customer Form. You can register here.

Thank you for being an IQ4 customer.  

Rick Malkin,

IQ4 Product Manager


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