2020 New Products Recap

ESP-LXIVM Two-Wire Controller NEW

2020 Irrigation Association & EIMA Award Winner

ESP-LXIVM Smart Valve™ technology elevates the performance of proven two-wire technology to a new level. The breakthrough is in the Integrated Valve Module, which relays valve status back to the controller and provides real-time monitoring of valves.

  • No decoders needed, resulting in 50% fewer splices – saving you time on each job
  • Improved troubleshooting helps you quickly find and eliminate two-wire issues
  • 60-station capability standard; expandable to 240 stations with LXIVM Pro Panel


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IVM Smart Valves

IVM Smart Valves NEW

Best in Class Valves Now with Preinstalled IVM Solenoid

Rain Bird PGA Series and PEB/PESB Series valves are now available with the Integrated Valve Module “smart solenoid” (IVM-SOL) preinstalled. When paired with the ESP-LXIVM Two-Wire controller, the new IVM Smart Valves reduce system cost and improve reliability by eliminating decoders resulting in 50% fewer wire splices.


PEB-IVM Smart Valves


PGA-IVM Smart Valves


IQ4 Central Control NEW

Modular Multi-Site Central Control

The IQ4 Platform offers state-of-the-art monitoring, programming and control features in an easy to learn user interface. IQ4 makes it easier to manage complex, multi-site systems from anywhere. With the ability to control user access through permissions, it’s easy to get crew members and water managers involved in the effort. IQ4 is available in a Cloud-based version.


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IQ4 - Cloud Photo


XBCV Emitters with Check Valve

Xeri-Bug™ Emitters with Check Valve NEW

Point-Source Water Savings for Any Terrain

Xeri-Bug™ with Check Valve is a pressure-compensating emitter that prevents drainage by holding back 10 feet (3m) of water — the highest in the industry. It’s the smart solution for slopes, elevated zones, potted plants and more.

  • Saves water by eliminating low-point drainage
  • Handles any terrain, making product selection simple
  • Prevents clogging, reducing maintenance


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XFS-CV Series Dripline NEW

With Copper Shield™ Technology and Heavy-Duty Check Valve

With built-in 4.3 psi check valves and pure copper chips in every emitter, XFS-CV Dripline can take on any on-surface, sub-surface, sloped or flat application.

  • Pure Copper Root Protection - with Copper Shield™ Technology inside every emitter, XFS-CV offers the industry's most effective root intrusion protection
  • Industry-Leading Check Valves - patent-pending 4.3 psi check valves keep the dripline charged to 10 feet or more on steep slopes—the highest in the industry—preventing low-point drainage.


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XFS-CV Dripline

XFS-CV Iconset


1800 Series Spray Heads

1800 Series PRS-45 Spray Heads NEW

1800 Series Spray Heads are now available in PRS-45 models without a check valve

  • Offers a better value option when check valve isn't needed
  • Designed with R-VAN Rotary Nozzles in mind, PRS-45 regulates to 45 psi for optimal performance with water droplets less likely to get carried away by wind
  • Meets PRS spray body requirements in regions adopting PRS regulations


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Live Streaming NEW

Let Rain Bird Bring Training to You

  • Short pre-scheduled classes that cover the most relevant topics
  • Ask questions and get answers, just like the classroom
  • No sales pitch, just professional training on all major brands
  • Customized Live Streaming available


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