IQ4 Product Developement Update

Rain Bird’s Dryrun™ feature is live and in field testing. Our software team has been hard at work improving Dryrun™ and implementing a few new features to it. We have selected approximately 100 users to field test the new version, and we will be looking for feedback shortly.

Dryrun™ Allows You to Look Ahead

Dryrun™ features a look-ahead function that will show you graphically what to expect with your irrigation system. It displays a maximum flow from Flo-Manager® to ensure you do not exceed your system’s hydraulic capacity. Dryrun™ will graphically show you the minute-by-minute irrigation operation, including which program and station is running and the flow rate for each station. It will also list by irrigation type or program start and end times making it much easier to determine how long the entire irrigation cycle will take.


New Mapping Feature

Along with Dryrun™, we are testing a new Mapping feature, which allows you to display a Google map of the site and setup controller, master valve and station icons at the exact location on the map. The map can also be viewed from a mobile device which will also show the user’s location.

Interactive Site Map

Perform Actions in the Map

What makes the mapping feature truly unique and powerful is the ability to perform functions right from the map. By right-clicking on a controller icon you can sync, reverse sync, retrieve logs, connect to the controller, or edit the controller settings. When actions are completed, you return directly to the map, ready to operate more irrigation functions. Icons are interactive and display the status of controllers or stations using color and characters for station operation, alarms, or other key functions.

Be on the lookout for other new features such as automatic email reports, a single Manual Operation page and controller diagnostics, just to name a few.

Thank you for being an IQ4 customer and joining the IQ™ movement.  We look forward to continuing improvements and features for the “Easy to Use” central control product from Rain Bird.

Please join us on August 18 at our IQ4 Customer Form. You can register here.

Thank you for being an IQ4 customer.  

Rick Malkin,

IQ4 Product Manager


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