Water Savings Using Rain Bird Pressure Regulating Spray Heads


Rain Bird's patented pressure-regulating stem (PRS) ensures maximum spray head and nozzle performance, even with varying inlet pressures. By maintaining constant optimum pressure of 30 psi at a spray nozzle, and 45psi at a rotary nozzle, pressure regulating 1800s, RD1800s, and shrub adapters end misting and fogging caused by high pressures. For you, that means water savings. Enter the information from your system below and see how much water you can save

Calculate your estimated water savings:


Enter the pressure (psi) at the nozzle (30-100):

(Either enter the average dynamic pressure for the spray heads on one zone or enter the average dynamic pressure for all the spray heads on the entire system. If the dynamic pressure is not available, enter the system's static pressure. The static pressure will overstate the water savings, but it will still provide an estimate of the potential water savings.)


Enter the GPM @ 30 psi: 

(If you entered the pressure for one zone above, enter the GPM for that zone. If you entered the pressure for the entire system above, enter the GPM for the entire system).


Enter Average Watering Time per Day (min.):


Enter Average Number of Watering Days per Week:


Enter Average Watering Weeks per Year:

The initial system waste is:


The yearly water savings is:


(Due to varying conditions, your actual water savings may be different.
This formula is designed solely as a basis for estimating potential savings.)

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