Version History – IQ4 – Cloud software from Rain Bird Corp.

Date: December 15, 2022


  1. Access to subscription services via System Setup page
  2. Access a Map via a Controller – Beta feature only
  3. DryrunTM now shows which programs are going to run if there is no flow programmed for stations
  4. Error Message Behavior Changes
  5. Allow Weather Sources to be "Pushed"
  6. "Only synchronize if there are changes." checkbox is set to default disabled when checkbox is checked and scheduled Reverse Sync is set
  7. Allow the download or print of a map


Date: November 17, 2022


  1. Create new report, Daily Controller Irrigation Report
  2. Manual Ops UI changes
  3. Program Settings Report is missing Program Start Time(s)
  4. ET Calendar does not localize correctly
  5. Export Ping Test
  6. Dry run graph displays when days are set to off
  7. Hide hourly weather by default
  8. Add Controller Description Field
  9. Update report descriptions
  10. Add Export options to more screens
  11. Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

Date: October 13, 2022


  1. IQ4 Insider's Corner releases
  2. Additional weather sources available (WSPRO LT, WSPRO2, CIMIS)

  3. Update the User Interface for the ET Calendar

  4. Speed up the display time for the ET Calendar

  5. Allow only the Company Owner to access the online store / subscription renewal page

  6. Allow Spaces in User Name

  7. Cannot Acknowledge Alarms in IQ4

  8. Add Tool Tip for the Back button when making controller changes

  9. Add spinner progress number during report generation

  10. Site Seasonal Adjust – Field Test only

  11. Select the type of program adjustment for Programs

  12. Warn Users migrating from IQ3 that they must turn off Auto Contacts

  13. Add column to Alarms and Warnings Report for the controller’s name

  14. Source is not displayed when stations are advanced during irrigation

  15. Separate the Acknowledged Alarms and Acknowledged Warnings in the Events page

  16. In the controller list, users cannot see if a controller is in the Demo mode

  17. Default display for Events page update

  18. Change warning to alarm - Satellite Alarm light on

  19. Client Controllers are missing from Controller page

  20. Add note to Map label stating it is a beta feature

Date: August 02, 2022


  1. Open Chat feature to all global customers
  2. Miscellaneous bug fixes

Date: July 14, 2022


  1. ET Calendar - available in controller page or weather source page
  2. Reports are now organized by type
  3. Miscellaneous bug fixes

Date: June 20, 2022


  1. Add Program Settings Report
  2. Add Controller Configuration Report
  3. Improve Custom Reports design
  4. Fix Dryrun for ESP-LXIVM Pro controllers
  5. Miscellaneous bug fixes

Date: June 01, 2022


  1. Demo Controller
  2. IQNet Configuration report
  3. Site Configuration report
  4. Satellite Differences report
  5. Station Program Search
  6. Updated firmware files available (latest firmware versions listed below)
  7. Miscellaneous bug fixes

Date: May 17, 2022


  1. Add User Type: Field Tech user type - Manual Ops only access
  2. Add Master Valve and Weather Sensor  Sharing to IQNet networks (Server/Client networks)
  3. Add scheduling feature to Learned Flow
  4. Add a Cancel button to the firmware update process
  5. Fixed: Registration emails not going through
  6. Fixed: Language translation issue
  7. Miscellaneous bug fixes

Date: April 21, 2022


  1. Miscellaneous bug fixes
  2. Additional Field Test deployments

Date: March 09, 2022


  1. Clear Log Retrieval Alarms if retry is successful
  2. Calculate scheduled end times in the Program tab
  3. Scheduled Email Report
  4. Metric flow units corrected
  5. Eliminate blank Irrigation Station Run Time Report
  6. Add Change button for IP Address Field
  7. Diagnostics:
    • LXIVM/p - Implement Test All Stations
    • LXIVM/p - Implement Ping Test
    • LXIVM/p - Implement Respond List
    • LXD - Implement Test All Stations
    • LXD Implement Ping Decoders
    • LXD - Implement Decoder Test
    • LXME - Implement Test All Stations
  8. Add a link in IQ4 to the IQ4 Web Page in Dashboard
  9. Fix the Export to CSV button for Flow Log Graph
  10. Add Chinese to IQ4 language selection
  11. Miscellaneous bug fixes

Date: January 21, 2022


  1. The Soak displays only the icon and not the timer
  2. ESP-LXD Diagnostics page always shows Overload as Not Okay
  3. Add column on Controller page with what type of IQNetTM the controller is using
  4. When multiple flow alarms are available, clearing a single Flow Alarm is not updating the flow alarm count until we do a refresh or navigate between screens
  5. Added additional language options: Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Swedish
  6. Miscellaneous bug fixes


Date: November 16, 2021


  1. LXME2 Functionality for Field Test Users only
  2. Add ability to perform Firmware Upgrade on Client Controllers
  3. Add a button to initiate a reset function in the NCC cartridge
  4. Display the expiration date(s) for cellular plans tied to controllers
  5. Enable DryrunTM for all users
  6. Enable users to save any changes in browsers on their networked computer
  7. Fixed intermittent connection failures observed when user clicks control button
  8. Fix the weather widget not being updated after the controller's weather is changed.
  9. Add a line between Auto/Off and the Rain Delay setting to differentiate the two sections
  10. “Collapse side panel chevron” design improvement
  11. “Starting Program” spinning wheel does not disappeared after program started.
  12. Fix Reports - Monthly Flow report showing incorrect data
  13. Fix the email confirmation after new account registration
  14. Reduce the time for Activity | Scheduled query
  15. Change the message at firmware update completion to indicate which satellite finished
  16. Set Auto Retrieve Logs to ON as a default
  17. Add Manual Ops tab
  18. Adding Scheduled Sync and Log Retrievals markers to Dry Run Graph
  19. Add Last Sync column to controller tab just like Last Log Retrieval column
  20. Give faster feedback when manually starting Programs and Stations
  21. Controller Page -> Stations tab button rework
  22. Add hover labels for sync and out of sync icons and controller off similar to rain delay icon and flow alarm icon in controller list screen
  23. Fix Stations Table Edit performance issue
  24. Fix Sort order on Status column of controllers page

Date: September 20, 2021 - September 24, 2021


  1. Phased release of the IQ4 Dryrun feature to all users

Date: August 31, 2021


  1. Miscellaneous bug fixes including Dryrun fixes, the About page details and other minor bugs

Date: April 28, 2021


  1. Weather Widget now loads the weather source selected for the controller the widget is displayed on
  2. LXD Controller: now shows valve type selection for master valves
  3. After synchronization of controller, status icon now stays green
  4. The amount of time for the 'Stations' tab to load has been reduced
  5. Enhancement: Event Days Off Feature – added to controller setting panel
  6. If a controller is configured with migrated global weather source, Simple ET program no longer shows 'Missing data'
  7. Display no longer shows text overlap observed on Sensors & Clients tab after browser window minimize and maximize
  8. App version and phone numbers are now visible in mobile display
  9. Controllers set to Scheduled log retrieval (or) Scheduled Sync can now be changed with controller batch edit
  10. Dragging and dropping the columns from programs tab to anywhere in the screen no longer makes the columns disappear
  11. Miscellaneous bug fixes

Date: March 23, 2021


  1. NEW! A new feature called table edit is available under the stations tab of controllers. This allows for faster entry of data like station addresses and flow rates
  2. NEW! In the controller tab, a red ! icon will be displayed if the controller had a flow alarm present in the last log retrieval
  3. NEW! You can now schedule synchronization and log retrieval times in addition to the previously available auto or manual options
  4. NEW! Weather forecasts are visible for each controller with a weather source assigned.
  5. NEW! LX-IVM Controllers can resume previously started firmware updates
  6. Ability to see acknowledged alarms and filter by alarm type on activity screen
  7. Improved filters for selected reports to set hour and minute for start/end of report
  8. The water management report now has a total field for manual and scheduled irrigation
  9. Numerous fixes improving speed, reliability and navigation

Date: January 11, 2021


  1. IQ Owner account can now change PIN Codes of other users.
  2. IQ Owner account can now also change Passwords of other users.
  3. Controller selection tree view of Reports now stays open after selection
  4. Fix Mobile Navigation issues.  This is a comprehensive change to how the user navigates in the Mobile pages 
  5. New Alarms tab in the Activity page
  6. Bug fix when batch editing Rain Delay 
  7. Importer now imports to Event Log table from IQ3 to IQ4 
  8. Pin Code is now auto generated for User, when user is created from owner account 
  9. Add a resend email to the Registration Confirmation process
  10. Miscellaneous bug fixes and very minor enhancements


Date: November 19, 2020


  1. Fixed an issue potentially causing long-running log retrieval process on LX-IVM and LX-IVM Pro controllers
  2. Speed improvements to synchronize, reverse-synchronize, and log retrieval processes
  3. Speed improvements to login process
  4. Enabled new account registration
  5. Improved reliability of auto log retrieval timing


Date: September 28, 2020


  1. Fix cellular subscription renewal link (to new renewal web site)

Date: September 18, 2020


  1. Various optimizations and bug fixes

Date: September 11, 2020


  1. Added a column on the Controllers page that displays how long it has been since the last log retrieval.  It is titled "Last Log Retrieve"

Date: July 24, 2020


  1. Temporarily disabled Registration Page

July 02, 2020


  1. Enabled Registration Page

June 29, 2020

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixing of the display issue when running multiple stations at once would show wrong stations running
  2. Improved reliability around log retrieval and auto-sync
  3. Fixed a column filter issue that would remove the filter
  4. Fixed an issue around not showing the correct stations irrigating when you manually advance a station
  5. Auto Sync will now happen after 30 minutes since the last change. It was previously 60. This will help get changes to controllers faster.
  6. Performance and speed improvements throughout
  7. Updates to manual and automatic watering monitor
  8. Miscellaneous bug fixes


  1. Simple ET improvements that detail the adjustment factors NEW
  2. New options for manual sync to interrupt irrigation NEW
  3. Added the ability to see flow alarm details and clear them NEW
  4. Flow Log Graph will show program and station details NEW
  5. Added Simple ET information in the Program Panel NEW
  6. Station details are available on the Station Runtime screen within a program NEW
  7. Added the ability to export reports to .csv (spreadsheet format) files NEW


June 11, 2020

Bug Fixes:

  1. On/Off switch changed to make it easier to understand what state it is in
  2. Fixes to address High Memory Issues
  3. When the cursor hovers over Adjusted Runtime, it shows a pop-up box with all IQ4 adjustments to the adjusted runtime including Simple ET and Program Adjust
  4. Fixed the alignment of the Dryrun and Flow Log Graph UI and flow amounts
  5. Fixed errors that occurred when editing a large number of stations or programs
  6. Enabled the ability to delete a landscape type or sprinkler type from a station
  7. When editing a station, fixed the bug that too many stations appeared in the Station tab
  8. Miscellaneous bug fixes

Date: May 12, 2020


  1. Temporarily disabled Registration Page
  2. Temporarily disabled Dryrun

Date: May 5, 2020

Bug Fixes:

  1. “Select All” missing in IQ4 mobile applications

  2. DryrunTM shows incorrect runtime for Simple ET programs

  3. DryrunTM did not return any irrigation data for watering day cycle other than custom all days

  4. After starting a Program, the status of the program does not show the real time status in the Status Column for LXME controllers

  5. IQ3 to IQ4 import failure for French clients
  6. User cannot add or edit a station
  7. Simple ET does not work with ESP LXIVM controllers
  8. When editing a program, station # (next to checkbox) changes 

  9. After starting a Program, the status of the program does not show the real time status in the Status Column

  10. Activity | Completed shouldn't have an Acknowledge button

  11. Dryrun did not return any irrigation data for watering day cycle other than custom all days

  12. Batch Edit does not allow the Save button to become active

  13. Give faster feedback when manually starting Programs and Stations

  14. Miscellaneous bug fixes


  1. Privacy Notification

  2. Manual Operations buttons updated

  3. Add Version History link to About page

  4. Add in-app notifications for application updates

  5. Add circle around Weekday buttons so they look like buttons.

Date: February 25, 2020

Bug Fixes:

  1. DryrunTM runs for more than 31 days

  2. Missing the Flow Rate field in Master Valve Edit box for ESP LXMEF controllers.

  3. ESP LXME controller does not show all firmware files

  4. Miscellaneous bug fixes


  1. Add column in Stations tab for decoder and IVM Addresses

  2. DryrunTM added to IQ4 for all ESP LX controllers


Recommended System Requirements

  • Windows 11. Windows 10, Windows 8
  • Intel I5-540M or equivalent processor
  • 4 GB RAM (minimum)
  • 1024x768 pixel screen resolution
  • Internet Access

Latest Firmware Release Versions

  • ESP-LXME Satellite Controller Firmware Version 3.90
    • Front Panel Version 1.15
    • PSM Module 1.3
    • IQ-PSCM Version 1.3
  • ESP-LXD Satellite Controller Firmware Version 3.51
  • ESP-LXIVM Satellite Controller
    • Front Panel Firmware Version 2.46
    • LXIVM Bootloader Version 0.3
    • Module - 2-wire Version 1.2
    • Module SMBus Version 1.6
    • Module Bootloader Version 0.19
  • MRM Micro Firmware Version 4.03
  • MRM Radio US Firmware Version 4.09
  • MRM Radio Europe Firmware Version 4.12
  • SRR Radio Firmware Version 4.09

Approved External Modems, Sensors, USB to Serial Port Adapters

Contact Rain Bird Global Support Plan.

Country Phone Email
United States & Canada 1-866-GSP-XPRT
Europe 00800-555-72477
Australia 1800 225 512
Rest of the World 1.520.434.6216


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