I-Series Hydraulic Suction Scanning Screen Filter

Self-Cleaning, Line-Powered Water Filters for Landscape, Turf and Golf Applications

Rain Bird’s I-Series Horizontal Hydraulic Suction Scanning Screen Filter provides cost-effective, worry free high-flow filtered water to protect all types of irrigation system components. Powered by source line water pressure, the filter’s backwashing system produces a concentrated high velocity reverse water flow to systematically clean the mesh screen of any entrapped contaminants without interrupting the flow of filtered water to the irrigation system. Models are available as a filter unit only, or as a filter assembly including bypass plumbing and valves for fast and easy installation on site.

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Heavy-duty, durable, 316 SS woven wire mesh screen filtration element with PVC support is supplied standard. Optional screen construction including multi-layer sintered 316 SS and wedgewire are also available upon request. HT models only supplied with sintered SS.  
Perfect for 4” to 14” (DN 100 to DN 350) applications  
Polyester powder coated carbon steel and Stainless Steel options  
Horizontal Configuration  
Effective hydraulically powered backwash  
Low backflush volume  
Easy maintenance access to the internal components of the filter is via a removable front cover with handles that are secured to the front end of the filter housing


Flow Rate: 300 – 7,500 gpm  
Max Temperature: 210° F  
Single SS electric ball valve: for flushing operations standard .
Screen opening: 50μ – 2000μ  
Working pressure: 40 – 150 psi  
Vessel Material (based on model): Powder Coated Carbon Steel or 304 Stainless Steel, 316 SS and Duplex SS optional  
Available as filter only, or as a complete assembly with bypass manifold and valves. Higher pressures optionally available

Model Comparison

Powder Coated Carbon Steel Models

  • HO-I-03-PS-C-M
  • HO-I-04-PS-C-M
  • HO-I-06-PS-C-M
  • HO-I-08-PM-C-M
  • HO-I-08-PS-C-M
  • HO-I-10-PS-C-M
  • HO-I-12-PS-C-M
  • HO-I-14-PS-C-M
  • Stainless Steel Models

  • HO-I-03-PS-S-M
  • HO-I-04-PS-S-M
  • HO-I-06-PS-S-M
  • HO-I-08-PM-S-M
  • HO-I-08-PS-S-M
  • HO-I-10-PS-S-M
  • HO-I-12-PS-S-M
  • HO-I-14-PS-S-M
  • HT-I-03-LP-S-M
  • HT-I-04-PE-S-M
  • HT-I-06-PE-S-M
  • HT-I-08-PS-S-M
  • HT-I-08-PE-S-M
  • HT-I-10-PE-S-M
  • HT-I-12-PS-S-M
  • Bypass Manifold Models

  • I-3-CS-T   
  • I-4-CS-F   
  • I-6-CS-F   
  • I-8-CS-F   
  • I-10-CS-F
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