Pro Tip: Entering Decoder Addresses for ESP-LXD 2-Wire Decoder Controller

The ESP-LXD controller uses unique 5 digit addresses to communicate with the decoder. Here are four Pro Tips on how to enter the decoder addresses.

1. Programming Guide: Use the programming guide provided with the controller. Apply the detachable decoder label on the appropriate page in the guide for record keeping and to retrieve later if the label on the field decoder is not legible after extended use.

2.  Detachable Panel: The ESP-LXD front panel is detachable from the controller. Disconnect the ribbon cable from the front panel, insert a 9V battery and enter the addresses at the office rather than at the job site.

3.  Scanning Pen (sold separately): Eliminate entering decoder addresses by hand. Use the barcode scanning pen in conjunction with Programming Backup Cartridge.  Rain Bird recommends using a Unitech MS100-2 barcode pen with 9 pin (female) serial connector. Go to for more details. To set up other brands of barcode scanning pens, see the manufacturer’s setup instructions. Consult the programming guide for complete set up instructions for scanning pen.

4.  IQ Cartridge (sold separately): One of the many benefits of the IQ Platform is the ability to enter the decoder addresses from your computer. Using the IQ Platform and the ESP-LXD controller provide powerful water-saving features and the convenience of remote access to programming and flow management features.

Note: The Scanning pen, PBC Cartridge and IQ Cartridge are sold separately.

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