New IQ4 Reporting Increases Visibility to Information You Need 

New reports have been added to IQ4, expanding the options to select, organize and share information with your team and customers. Below are the new reporting options available in the custom reports tab in IQ4, and some are also available as scheduled (automatic) reports.  Reports can be shared in PDF or CSV format.

PIN Code Audit

Review all PIN code access activity at one or more controllers over a custom date range. The PIN Code Audit Report includes successful and unsuccessful controller access attempts, showing intended staff activity, and potential unauthorized use blocked by the PIN code lock. This report is also available as a scheduled (automatic) report for daily updates.

IQNet™ Configuration Report

The IQNet™ Configuration Report summarizes all controller configurations on a site, including their status as a part of a network of controllers. Quickly identify which controllers are in server status, client controllers linked to the server, and review what sensors and valves are shared among those controllers.

IQ4 Reports

Controller Differences Report

If any setting on a controller is not an exact match with the setting in IQ4, the Controller Differences Report summarizes any discrepancies. This report can help identify when a sync or reverse sync needs to take place. The controller differences report is also available as a scheduled (automatic) report for daily updates.

Site Configuration Report and Controller Configuration Report

These reports provide a detailed account of the settings and components of the site or controller. The Site Configuration Report shows the time zone, included controllers and the communication detail of controllers on a site. The Controller Configuration Report offers a more detailed accounting of specific controller detail like maximum flow rate, Simulstation™ settings, sensors installed, the stations that have been established, and more.


Program Settings Report

The Program Settings Report shows a summary of each potential program that a controller can run for easy review of currently established programs and understanding what programs are still available for additional irrigation needs.

If you have questions about reporting or other IQ4 features, please contact Rain Bird’s Pro Support team at or 1-800-396-5166

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