Expand Your Control

Rain Bird® IC CONNECT™ lets you extend the reach and effectiveness of your system by enabling you to integrate, automate and interact with various sensors and field equipment. 

Easy Expansion

  • Add components anywhere there is MAXI™ Wire
  • Manage field equipment 
  • Connect to multiple sensors

IC-IN Input Device
Collect information from multiple field sensors across your course:

  • Rain cans
  • Flow sensors
  • Lake level sensors

IC-OUT Output Device 
Centralize ON and OFF control of non-irrigation products around the property: 

  • Transfer pumps
  • Greens fans
  • Fountains and water features
  • Lighting

IC-TFU Device 
Control DC Latching solenoids with the proven IC System


IC-IN Integrated Control Sensor Input Device
The Rain Bird® IC-IN Integrated Control Sensor Input Device (IC-IN) is an interface device for the Rain Bird® IC System™ that receives readings from sensor devices with output types of: 0-10VDC voltage, 4-20mA DC Current, contact closure, or pulse output (counting, rate). The IC-IN translates sensor readings into the IC system protocol and communicates the sensor readings to the Central Control computer on a MAXI™ wire path; further enhancing the industry leading capability of the Rain Bird IC System.
IC-OUT Integrated Control Output Device
The Rain Bird® IC-OUT Integrated Control Output Device (IC-OUT) is an output device for the Rain Bird IC System that enables activation of external equipment. The IC-OUT provides a pulse output similar to the ICM which can be used to activate DC latching solenoids or a DC Latching Relay for activation of high power devices. IC-OUT employs two-way communication using the IC system protocol on a MAXI™ wire path to receive commands from the Rain Bird central control computer to turn on/off external devices; further enhancing the industry-leading capability of the Rain Bird IC System.
Diverse Applications
Integrated with Rain Bird’s innovative Central Control software IC-IN can be used to view and respond to Smart Sensors™, flow (Flo-Watch™), rain (Rain Watch™), pressure, temperature, wind speed, reservoir levels and more. IC-OUT can be used to control external devices including pumps, fans, gates, fountains, lights, motorized valves, DC latching solenoids and more.
Simple and Elegant Design
IC-IN and IC-OUT can be connected to any IC System MAXI™ wire path (wire path can be shared with multiple ICM, IC-OUT or IC-IN devices).
Design Flexibility
When connected to an ICI interface, IC-IN and IC-OUT can be used in a hybrid design configuration with Satellite field controllers and/or decoders.
In all sensor configurations, IC-IN status can be polled from the central software to confirm communication. IC-OUT supports the familiar status, voltage, on/off, and quick check diagnostics from the central software.


Operating Range
Operating Temperature: 14ºF to 125ºF (-10ºC to 51ºC)
Storage Temperature: -40ºF to 150ºF (-40ºC to 65.5ºC)
Operating Humidity: 75% max at 40ºF to 108ºF (4.4ºC to 42.2ºC)
IC System™ Field Wiring Voltage
26-28 VAC (max)
IC-IN Sensor Types Supported
Voltage: 0-10VDC
Current: 4-20mA DC
Contact Closure: Pulse Counting: 50% duty cycle 1kHz (max), Pulses in 10 Seconds: 50% duty cycle 1kHz (max), Pulses per Second: 50% duty cycle 1kHz (max)
Wiring Connections
IC-IN: Red: MAXI™ wire Red, Black: MAXI™ wire Black, Red/White: Sensor (+), Black/White: Sensor (-)
IC-OUT: Red: MAXI™ wire Red, Black: MAXI™ wire Black, Red/White: Output(+), Black/White: Output (-)


3.71” x 2.70” x 1.66” (94mm x 69mm x 42mm), excluding wires, Wire Length: 24” (61 cm)

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