Spotlight on Our Values: Personal Development & Growth


personal development - Rain BirdOur employees are the most important aspect of Rain Bird. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to push the boundaries of software development for irrigation or engineer state-of-the-art controllers that help with the Intelligent Use Of Water.™ Our employees support the success of Rain Bird, and, in turn, we support their personal and professional growth.

Personal development and growth are part of our core values at Rain Bird. We support our employees in learning more about their jobs and the industry and pursuing higher education. Our culture of growth also spreads to how employees work as a team. Everyone at Rain Bird is willing to step in and lend a hand, helping all employees succeed.

On-The-Job Training And Career Growth

Here at Rain Bird, we recognize that the irrigation industry is often seen as niche, and we are thrilled to hire candidates with diverse backgrounds from other industries. “I was not an irrigation expert when I got hired at Rain Bird. You learn,” says Brittany Borden, Specification And Municipal Sales Manager.

The most important factors are transferable skills and the willingness to put in the work and learn. We support all of our employees in understanding the industry and customer needs, and we help them to grow. When Brittany started working at Rain Bird, she says she “felt like I still needed training. Whereas now, I feel like: no, I know what I’m doing and I can provide value and I am very valuable to any company ….  They’ve really helped me in my career.”

We also encourage employees to stay with Rain Bird and grow their careers. Nancy Oliver, Corporate Account Manager, says, “They’ve definitely offered other positions and other ways to move up within the company so there is that opportunity.” We want our employees to learn, grow, and become integral members of the team, and we reward them for that!

Educational Benefits And Professional Development

Rain Bird recognizes the value of a good education, and we are happy to support our employees who are pursuing degrees. We provide both financial aid and encouragement to these employees, and each year, we are proud to see many employees succeed in earning Bachelor’s degrees or Master’s degrees. 

In addition to higher education, we also encourage our employees to improve their personal and professional skills. Silvia Gourian, a Distributor Manager, took professional development classes in both public speaking and Microsoft Excel. “That’s one of the things that I really appreciate about Rain Bird,” Silvia says. “I get the support I need to get it done ….  These are still useful skills that could go across any job or work environment and they support me in that.”

Internal Support Systems At Rain Bird

If you ask any Rain Bird employee what they appreciate about working at Rain Bird, one of the first things they’ll mention is the internal support systems and everyone’s willingness to help out. “That’s the environment here. We all do the same thing — we all roll up our sleeves to help each other,” says Tania Gallardo, Senior Global Recruiter. “Everyone has that ... teamwork to be able to get your hands dirty to be able to provide a good solution for the situation or problem.”

Part of this comes from the level of professionalism and experience at the company. Rain Bird prides itself on hiring only the best. As a result, our employees are all extremely skilled and know that they can rely on each other to get the job done. They’re also happy to share their knowledge to help others grow.

Silvia Gourian is on the Sales team, and she appreciates the connection she has with fellow team members. “As a team, we help each other create winning strategies. You’re having conversations on a daily basis with everybody within your team ... so you get tips from each other and you take it to the market.” By working together, the Sales team is able to not only learn more, but also grow the success of Rain Bird as a whole.

Working At Rain Bird

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