Our Core Values

Our core values define who we are as a company, from producing top-quality products to encouraging our employees’ development. Learn more about what drives us every day and makes us truly Rain Bird.

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Rain Bird's Commitment to Excellence

At Rain Bird, our core values shape our identity as a company and drive our unwavering commitment to producing top-quality products and fostering the growth of our employees. Discover what fuels our daily pursuits and makes Rain Bird the industry leader it is today.

We Are Guided by Our Set of Values

At Rain Bird, our actions are guided by a set of core values that permeate every aspect of our work. Whether it's the development of highly effective water-saving irrigation products, the cultivation of enduring relationships with our customers, or the respectful and caring treatment of our employees, our values illuminate our path forward.

Integrating Values into Our Work Environment


  • We strive for excellence by consistently delivering superior products and services.

Ethical and Honest Behavior:

  • Our commitment to integrity shapes our actions and interactions.

Environmental Stewardship:

  • We take deliberate steps to preserve and protect our planet's vital water resources.

Continuous Improvement:

  • We embrace the pursuit of growth and innovation, always seeking to enhance our processes and solutions.

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Behavior:

  • We foster a culture of creativity and resourcefulness, empowering our employees to think outside the box.

Customer Service and Customer Orientation:

  • We prioritize the needs of our customers, providing exceptional support and tailored solutions.

Productivity, Positivity, and Safety:

  • We cultivate a productive and positive work environment that places the safety and well-being of our employees first.

Personal Development and Growth:

  • We invest in our employees' professional growth, offering opportunities for advancement and personal fulfillment.

Results Orientation:

  • We are driven by a commitment to achieving tangible and meaningful outcomes.

Community Involvement:

  • Giving back is at the core of who we are. We take pride in actively engaging with our local communities, dedicating our time and resources to a diverse range of charitable activities.

Rain Bird Gives Back: Empowering Communities through Volunteerism

At Rain Bird, community service is deeply ingrained in our corporate values and beliefs. We are honored to actively participate in our local communities, embodying the principles of 'The Intelligent Use of Water™' in more ways than one. Our company and our employees are wholeheartedly committed to making a lasting impact through a wide variety of charitable endeavors. Together, we nurture the vital connections that promote water conservation and sustainable practices on a global scale.






      Rain Bird Gives Back

      Community service is an important part of our corporate values and beliefs. At Rain Bird, we take pride in our involvement with our local communities. Our company and our employees have a long-term commitment to volunteering in a diverse group of charitable activities including:



      Local Homeless Shelters


      Save The Beach Clean-up


      Adopt-a-family Program


      Community Food Banks


      Ronald McDonald House


      Humane Society

      Fun Runs

      Charity Fun Runs


      Habitat For Humanity


      The United Way

      Rain Bird also donates water conserving irrigation products to local schools and community green spaces.

      — CAREER AREAS —


      Engineering Area

      Rain Bird engineers work on complex challenges using some of the latest design tools to develop innovative products and solutions.

      Rain Bird’s commitment to engineering high quality, innovative products is what made Rain Bird the industry leader. 


      Engineering Careers


      Sales & Marketing

      Sales Area

      Members of our sales organization earn the trust of our customer by providing solutions to transform how they service their customers.  Our culture of trust, transparency and teamwork means we have fun delivering for our customers and giving back to our communities. 


      Sales & Marketing Careers


      Manufacturing & Quality

      Engineering Area


      Do you like making things that have a positive impact on the lives of people around the globe? At Rain Bird, you'll do that every day - in state of the art facilities that were built with safety and your success in mind.


      Manufacturing & Quality Careers


      Materials & Distribution

      Sales Area

      Rain Bird creates products every day that touch people's lives across the globe.  All of those products started out as just plastic and steel. As a member of our Materials and Distribution team, you'll make sure those raw materials get where they need to be, when they need to be there.


      Materials & Distribution Careers


      Finance, Information Systems & HR

      Engineering Area

      Our Corporate Services group creates the trust and infrastructure that allows our employees to do their best work every day.

      Their united goal is to drive the company forward every day in an ethical, compliant and fiscally responsible way.



      Corporate Careers




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