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Control Zone Kits

Rain Bird Control Zone Kits for Drip Irrigation

Rain Bird Control Zone Kits provide all of the components necessary for on/off control, filtration, and pressure regulation in a single package, making them simple to order and easy to install. Most kits feature the integrated Pressure Regulator Filter which combines the filter and pressure regulator into one compact unit. Rain Bird offers the most complete line of Control Zone Kits, giving contractors and specifiers the flexibility to meet every need from 0.2 to 62 gpm.

Choose from:

  • ¾", 1", or 1½" inlet opening
  • Low Flow Valve, Anti-Siphon Valve, PGA Valve, DV Valve, PEB or PESB Valve
  • Large Capacity Filter, Pressure Regulating RBY Filter, Pressure Regulating Quick Check Basket Filter, or Quick Check Basket Filter

Control Zone Kits provide savings, convenience and reliability you can trust. All backed with a 3 yr. warranty.