This year’s theme for Smart Irrigation Month is “What’s the value of smart irrigation?” and explores the impact irrigation has on topics such as environmental sustainability, more livable communities, cutting-edge careers, water conservation and more. Check out Rain Bird's guide to get started with smart irrigation.
June 27th, 2023
On April 25th, Arianne Williams and Gracie Duarte, both product managers at Rain Bird, were featured in Landscape Management article on the best nozzles and sprinkler heads and how to identify potential errors in irrigation installation.
May 1st, 2023
National Public Gardens Day was created by Rain Bird and the American Public Gardens Association to promote public awareness of gardens, gardening, plant and water conservation, and environmental issues and initiatives. Learn about Rain Bird’s involvement with National Public Gardens Day.
April 24th, 2023
The Irrigation Show and Education Week (IA Show) is a great place to connect with other irrigation industry professionals and sharpen your skills. The 2022 event in Las Vegas from December 5-9 offers many great opportunities. Here’s your Rain Bird Guide to the 2022 IA Show!
November 17th, 2022
At Rain Bird, we take our mission to be the global irrigation industry leader while promoting The Intelligent Use of Water™ very seriously, and we know that innovation is key to leading the way in our field. One of Rain Bird’s core values is our dedication to technological advances and innovation, and we’ve built a culture that encourages our employees to be creative and innovative in their work.
January 30th, 2022

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