Rain Bird Awarded 17 New Patents in 2023

In 2023, Rain Bird received 17 new patents from the USPTO for products ranging from drip emitters to advanced controls. Overall, Rain Bird has more than 450 patents, starting with the 1935 patent for the original brass impact sprinkler. On January 17, 2024, Rain Bird celebrated its new and pending patents, and the employees who contributed to them, at a company-wide virtual event.

The additional patents—many of which enhance Rain Bird’s more than 4,000 products—underscore the company’s culture of discovery that enables it to regularly bring to market new products and services that benefit the irrigation industry and water conservation. 

Rain Bird’s focus on innovation is further exemplified by its consistent win in the Irrigation Association’s New Product Contest. The latest winner—Rain Bird’s FG100 Flow Sensor—brings the advantages of flow sensing to the residential and light commercial market, making the Intelligent Use of WaterTM even more accessible to non-irrigation experts.

“At the core of Rain Bird’s innovation culture is the belief that there is always a better way to solve problems for our customers and that we can do that through innovative new products and services,” says Michael Roberts, Rain Bird’s vice president for technology and innovation. “Our engineers work tirelessly to develop defect-free solutions to customers’ critical problems while also conserving water. We take pride that our products not only create beauty but help ensure sustainable practices for future generations."


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