Rain Bird Corporation Launches Refreshed Brand

As Rain Bird Corporation closes out its 90th anniversary year, the global irrigation technology company is launching a refreshed brand to highlight its impactful longevity and vision for the future.

Rain Bird’s refreshed brand focuses on a new core message: “Rain Bird Is How Your Future Grows,” which centers around three of its fundamental areas of focus—innovation, the future, and the environment. The refreshed brand platform retains the iconic green, the diving bird logo, and the trademarked phrase “The Intelligent Use of WaterTM,” by which the company is known and recognized worldwide. Rain Bird will be rebuilding its digital presence to align with the refreshed brand.

Over the last 90 years, Rain Bird has expanded its products and services well beyond the inaugural brass impact sprinkler, which transformed the agriculture industry, to serve its customers and continually deliver solutions that match the changing environment.

The new brand platform, accompanied by new standards for verbal and visual expression, reflects Rain Bird’s expanded role in the irrigation technology industry and reaffirms its commitment to customers’ growth and future.

“Rain Bird Is How Your Future Grows” enables Rain Bird to promote its vision for the future as well as to celebrate its pioneering leadership. It also emphasizes that the company is an enthusiastic partner with customers, enabling them to grow to new heights by helping them use water efficiently and effectively.

About Rain Bird

Rain Bird creates irrigation technology that shapes the way the future grows. Founded in 1933 with the invention of the horizontal action impact drive sprinkler, we have grown beyond agriculture to include more than 4,000 products spanning industries and applications that sustain life’s essentials and support green spaces, guided by a commitment to the Intelligent Use of WaterTM. We draw on nearly a century of expertise to serve a wide variety of industries, blending natural design and human ingenuity to make water work for everyone.

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