Rain Bird Dripline Featured in Episode 4 of Mission: PEBBLE Presented by the USGA

Rain Bird’s XFS-CV subsurface dripline and QF Header recently took the spotlight in a demonstration filmed by the United States Golf Association (USGA) at the renowned Del Monte Golf Course. The demonstration was featured in episode 4 of Mission: PEBBLE and the resulting video can now be seen on the GolfDigest website.

Episode 4 of Mission: PEBBLE features leaders of Pebble Beach Company and the USGA explaining the importance of sustainability in Golf Course Management. They dive into the innovative water management practices at Pebble Beach, including the utilization of subsurface drip irrigation, recycling reclaimed water, glass clippings and trash. Among the sustainable solutions is Rain Bird’s XFS-CV dripline which was installed on a forward tee with an island design.

Subsurface drip irrigation is the optimal method in this case as it allows water to be delivered directly to the root zone, fostering optimal growth and turf health. Once the XFS-CV dripline is installed, sand and turf are then placed over the dripline, effectively concealing the system. This discreet and efficient solution ensures that golfers can enjoy their game without any disruption, as the turf thrives beneath their feet.

“We are trying to do all of this without impacting the game of golf,” says Dr. Matteo Serena, senior manager of irrigation research and services at USGA. Through this, the hope is that the golfer experience will improve because of better playing conditions.

The USGA is the governing body that creates and interprets the rules for golf in the United States and Mexico. USGA also works with the PGA to organize golfing events. Through the USGA’s research and investment, nearly $2 billion can be saved annually through reduction of course maintenance costs.

“Over 15 years, the USGA is going to invest $30 million in research to try and reduce water use,” says Darin Bevard, senior director of championship agronomy at USGA.

The XFS-CV dripline is a product within Rain Bird’s landscape division that functions through a slow and steady emission of water that ensures that every drop is effectively absorbed by the soil, minimizing wastage and maximizing efficiency. The XFS-CV exceptional design includes root intrusion protection and enabling seamless sub-surface installation, and, additionally, every emitter comes equipped with a check valve to prevent water draining from the dripline. Notably, a portion of the product is constructed from recyclable materials, aligning with Rain Bird’s mission of promoting environmental stewardship.

By embracing cutting-edge water management practices and sustainable solutions, the golfing community takes a significant stride towards a greener and more eco-conscious future. The collaboration between Rain Bird, Pebble Beach Resorts and the USGA stands as a testament to the industry's commitment to preserving the natural beauty of golf courses while enhancing the golfer experience through superior playing conditions.


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