NEW! IQ4 Central Control and Building Management System Integration Capabilities

Using API calls IQ4 irrigation data can be shared with third-party applications.

For facility managers, having a holistic view of all data used to manage building systems can deliver better oversight of the energy, water and other resources used to operate and manage building systems. IQ4 can now interface with building management systems (BMS) and other third-party systems via API calls. APIs, short for Application Programming Interfaces, are software-to-software interfaces. They allow different applications to talk to each other and exchange information. This allows businesses to access another business’s data to extend the functionality of their products — all while saving time and money.

Here's how it works:

  1. Irrigation management functionality in IQ4 remains the same.
  2. To manage irrigation events and gather the results, IQ4 sends irrigation programs daily
    to controllers (synchronization) and retrieves the results (log retrieval) one or more times
    daily. These tasks must be achieved before current data is available for API calls.
    • Example: Flow data – all flow data is kept in the controller and sent to IQ4 as
      needed. To see flow results for a day or week, a log retrieval is required and then
      an API call is initiated to send the data to a BMS system.
    • Example: Alarms – alarms are kept in the controller and retrieved as needed for
      transfer to the BMS system.
  3. The BMS or other third-party systems request specific data from IQ4 via API calls.
    These calls trigger the data retrieval process, seamlessly delivering the requested
    information from IQ4 to the other system. As an example, alarms are kept in the
    controller and retrieved only when needed.
  4. To unlock this capability, an API subscription must be purchased from our subscriptions
    page to unlock the full potential of API calls.


  • API-based system (software to software)
  • Secure TCP/IP based system (works through Cloud servers)
  • Available in IQ4 Cloud-based system
  • Available in the IQ4 Desktop (standalone) system in late 2023
  • API user must have the Owner role
  • Company must be authorized for third-party API access

With IQ4 facility managers can get streamlined access to irrigation data for increased visibility to
monitor irrigation system schedules, flow data and more! Sign up for the October 17 Customer
Forum to learn more about this exciting new integration


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