New! XFDe Dripline

With Longer Lateral Run Lengths and Higher Kink Resistance

Utilizing a revolutionary new emitter technology developed by Rain Bird engineers, XFDe dripline is designed to exceed your expectations. The new low-profile pressure compensating emitter reduces friction loss within the tube enabling extra-long maximum lateral run lengths. In fact, XFDe dripline laterals can be installed up to 50% longer than competitor products. Longer dripline laterals means larger zones and lower material and installation costs. XFDe dripline is even more flexible and kink resistant allowing for an easy and quick installation even on the coldest days.

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This product qualify for LEED credit 4.2 because it contains at least 20% polyethylene recycled material


Longest maximum lateral runs in the industry – up to 50% longer than competitor products
Extra flexible and kink resistant tubing means tighter turns with fewer elbows for easier installation
Dual-layered tubing (brown over black) provides unmatched resistance to chemicals, UV damage and algae growth
Colored stripes on the tube designate flow rate (tan = 0.6gph; black=0.9gph)
Laser etched information on the tube allows easy identification of dripline type, flow rate and spacing 


Operating Range
Pressure: 12 to 60 psi (0.83 to 4.14 bar)
Flow rates: 0.6 gph and 0.9 gph (2.3 l/h and 3.5 l/h)
Temperature: Water up to 100° F (37.8C); Ambient up to 125° F (51.7C)
Required filtration: 120 mesh
Outside diameter: 0.634" (16.1 mm)
Inside diameter: 0.536" (13.6 mm)
Wall thickness: 0.049" (1.2 mm)
Spacing: 12” and 18"
Lengths: 250' and 500' coils
Use with XF Dripline Insert Fittings or Rain Bird Easy Fit Compression Fittings

Model Comparison

XFDe - Coil Color: Brown

  • XFDe-6-12-250: XFDe, 0.6 gph(2.3I/h), 12"(30.5cm) spacing, 250'(76.2m)
  • XFDe-6-12-500: XFDe, 0.6 gph(2.3I/h), 12"(30.5cm) spacing, 500'(152.4m)
  • XFDe-6-18-250: XFDe, 0.6 gph(2.3I/h), 18"(45.7cm) spacing, 250'(76.2m)
  • XFDe-6-18-500: XFDe, 0.6 gph(2.3I/h), 18"(45.7cm) spacing, 500'(152.4m)
  • XFDe-9-12-250: XFDe, 0.9 gph(3.5I/h), 12"(30.5cm) spacing, 250'(76.2m)
  • XFDe-9-12-500: XFDe, 0.9 gph(3.5I/h), 12"(30.5cm) spacing, 500'(152.4m)
  • XFDe-9-18-250: XFDe, 0.9 gph(3.5I/h), 18"(45.7cm) spacing, 250'(76.2m)
  • XFDe-9-18-500: XFDe, 0.9 gph(3.5I/h), 18"(45.7cm) spacing, 500'(152.4m)
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