Easy Fit Compression Fitting System

Complete system of compression fittings and adapters for all tubing connection needs in a low-volume system.


  • Reduces inventory costs: Multi-diameter compression fittings work with a wide range of 16mm - 17mm tubing or dripline
  • Saves time and effort: 50% less force is required to connect tubing and fittings versus competitive compression fittings. Adapters swivel for easy installation
  • Provides increased flexibility: Just three Easy Fit Fittings and five Easy Fit Adapters are needed to make over 160 combinations of connections, accommodating countless installation and maintenance situations
  • Works with all 16-17mm dripline and blank tubing
  • Patented fittings and adapters are molded from UV-resistant and durable ABS materials
  • Removable flush caps can be used to flush end of line and temporarily cap off lines for later expansion
  • Not recommended with subsurface irrigation


Operating Range

  • Pressure: 0 to 60 psi (0 to 4.1 bar)
  • Accepts tubing with an O.D. of 0.630" to 0.669" (16-17mm)
  • Recommended for use above surface only


  • Easy Fit Fittings
    • MDCF-COUP: Coupling
    • MDCF-EL: Elbow
    • MDCF-TEE: Tee
  • Easy Fit Adapters
    • MDCF-50MPT: 1⁄2" Male Pipe Thread Adapter
    • MDCF-75MPT: 3⁄4" Male Pipe Thread Adapter
    • MDCF-50FPT: 1⁄2" Female Pipe Thread Adapter
    • MDCF-75FPT: 3⁄4" Female Pipe Thread Adapter
    • MDCF-75FHT: 3⁄4" Female Hose Thread Adapter
    • MDCF-CAP: Removable Flush Cap For Easy Fit Fittings (Black)
    • MDCF-PCAP: Removable Flush Cap For Easy Fit Fittings (Purple, to designate non-potable water)

Note: Easy Fit Adapters are not barbed fittings. They are to be used only with Easy Fit Compression Fittings.