Fall 2023 Smart Irrigation Grounds News

Q3 2023: New Product Recap

The Rain Bird 11000 Series Rotor is specifically designed for use on sports fields and large commercial turf applications. Providing excellent water distribution uniformity over a full 105' (32.0 m) radius, makes this rotor ideal for sports fields and reduces the number of heads required. With a small exposed head and included rubber cover, this rotor is designed for in-field use and therefore can irrigate fields 25% larger than 1” rotors with 40% fewer rotors.


11000 Series

TREE STORIES - Meet the Miami Palmetto

Take a trip down to Miami with Tree Stories host Elliott Bambrough as he visits the Montgomery Botanical Garden to learn about the history of the famous Miami Palmetto tree. When you’ve finished watching the latest episode, visit our website to learn how you can participate in Trees for the Future and the three essential tools to keep trees thriving and healthy.


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Under Pressure? Troubleshoot the PRS-Dial

What happens if solenoids get loose or debris affects the PRS-Dial Pressure Regulating Module from performing as expected? It’s easy to troubleshoot the 4 most common issues to maintain optimal performance.


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When learning how to troubleshoot or select Rain Bird products, make the FREE Knowledge Center your first stop!

A Higher Standard for Control Systems

The newest member of the Higher Standard family is our next generation LXME2 controllers — built to handle the demands of large, commercial irrigation systems.


Step Up To A Higher Standard

Need more flow management capability? Use the LXME2 PRO with flow sensor input and a 2nd booster pump output programmable by station.

Register for the October 17 IQ4 Customer Forum

Missed our summer IQ4 Customer Forum? You’re in luck! Watch the recap now to learn about recent updates to IQ4 to catch up before the next Customer Forum on October 17!


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Champions Are Grown

Sports Turf Pros work diligently behind the scenes in venues around the world to bring games to life. Deliberate planning, meticulous care, and a deep sense of pride are what it takes for venues both large and small to ensure fields perform to a higher standard. This is why Rain Bird honors Sports Turf Pros front and center.

Learn from the Pros who set the stage.


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INSIGHTS: Watch the Latest Webinar

Watch the latest Insights for Irrigation Professionals webinar! In this month’s session covering pump specification, our team of experts discussed best practices for irrigation pump specification and selection and the Rain Bird resources available to ensure success.


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