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March/April 2020

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Design Irrigation Systems Faster with New Design Resources

Find the information you need quicker in our new Design Resources portal.  You can access tech specs, editable specifications for easy copy/paste and format, CAD drawings, application drawings, and product iconography, and more.

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Design Resources



New SmartValve Technology™ Speeds Up Installation Time, Reduces Errors

The new ESP-LXIVM 2-Wire Controller uses SmartValve Technology, which provides constant two-way communication between the controller and the valve enabling advanced diagnostics to aid in troubleshooting. Additionally, only half the number of wire splices are needed vs. a decoder-based system, simplifying installation and improving reliability.

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IQ4 Modular Multi-site ControlIQ4 Enables Effective Management from Anywhere

Today, you need the ability to remotely access and manage building infrastructure systems. Our new IQ4 Central Control Platform is the ultimate tool to manage and monitor irrigation from a central computer or any device with a web browser.

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Reminder About Helpful Resources

New Spray Head  and Nozzle comparison charts

Need Sports Field Designs 

2020 Landscape Irrigation Products Catalog 

AutoCAD Product Legend File

AutoCAD Product Legend File (PDF) 

Certificate of Performance to ASABE/ICC 802-2014 standard 

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Rain Bird Live Streaming - Brings Live Training to Where You Are

Just like in-classroom training, Rain Bird Live Streaming is high-quality irrigation training taught by professional trainers. These short pre-scheduled classes cover the most relevant topics. Ask questions and interact with the trainer just like in-person training. Multi-seat discounts as low as $19.96 per class (limited time only).

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Irrigation Audit

Conduct an Irrigation Audit Before You Select Water-Efficient Upgrades

If you want to improve the efficiency of an existing irrigation system, the first step you should take is to perform an irrigation audit. It will help you identify system problems and choose the best solutions to improve system performance, save water and money, and reduce unintended negative impacts.

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Industry Insights

How to Select the Optimum Valve for Your Application

May 6, 2020 at 8 AM and 4 PM PT

With so many different valves on the market, it can be confusing to choose the optimum valve and feature set that will provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for your application. Learn how to differentiate and select the valve that will save water, time and money while maintaining high reliability in every application.


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