CLP Series Pump Stations

Compact, low-profile SHP VFD pump station

Rain Bird’s CLP Series pump station is designed for boost and flooded suction-lift applications. The CLP Series is a complete pump package that is simple to install and operate. It includes a professional-grade pump, a marine-grade aluminum enclosure, highest quality pump protection, and optional mounting for a Rain Bird controller. Home owner associations, small sports fields, schools, parks, and small agricultural projects are ideal applications. The CLP Series's compact design, durable centrifugal boost pump, and ease of installation make it a perfect solution for applications with flows up to 120 gpm with the Boost model, and up to 140 gpm with the Suction Lift model. With this complete solution there is no need to deal with the hassle of stick building a pump station with non-compatible parts and a makeshift enclosure. Only Rain Bird provides a totally integrated irrigation solution with UL-listed components and a one-year warranty that dependably deliver healthy, beautiful landscapes, saving time and minimizing maintenance.

At-a-Glance Description

  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Pump Start Relay included
  • Aluminum Deck and Enclosure
  • Stainless Steel Piping
  • Isolation Valve for maintenance and priming
  • Manual Switch provides user full control and override capabilities
  • 2” Discharge, 2” Intake NPT (Boost), 2½” Suction Port NPT (Suction Lift)
  • Mounting options for Rain Bird Controllers


Plumbing Configurations

  • Inlet and discharge piping on opposite sides of the enclosure (as shown)
  • ¾” and 2” Priming Ports Included

Mechanical Features

  • Isolation valve
  • Liquid filled pressure gauge
  • Rugged centrifugal pump (Suction Lift model is self-priming)


Enclosures / External Connections

  • Marine grade aluminum enclosure and deck
  • Stainless Steel piping
  • Fused main power disconnect
  • Pump Control
    • Runs based on signal from irrigation controller, or from optional Flow Start Switch (Boost model only)
    • 24VAC Pump start relay included. Other voltages available as an accessory.
    • 130°F Temperature cutout switch

Electrical Features

  • Incoming power: Single or three phase 208V, 220V, 230V AC
  • TEFC Motor (Boost Model), ODP Motor (Suction Lift Model)
  • UL-listed components
  • Energy efficient – Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) maintains constant pressure at varying flow demand.
    • Stainless steel pressure transducer
    • Red light for VFD alarms
    • Green pump running light
    • Pipe fill mode reducing pressure surge at pump start up
    • Programmable override pump speed
    • Loss of prime and pipe break alarm
    • Dead head shut down
    • Transducer loss shut down
  • Back panel for mounting Rain Bird controllers
    • Pre-drilled for ESP-Me, ESP-LXMe, and ESP-LXD Series Controllers. (Rain Bird controller purchased separately)
  • Separate independent power feed required to power controller.
    • Mounted inside or outside aluminum enclosure


  • Surge Suppression Kit
    • Single Phase (208-230 VAC) p/n CLPSES1P
    • Three Phase (208-230 VAC) p/n CLPSES3P
  • Pump Start Relay
    • 6VDC p/n CLPPSR06DC
    • 12VDC p/n CLPPSR12DC
  • Boost Accessories (Boost Model Only
    • Flow Start Kit p/n CLPBSTSW
  • Suction Lift Accessories (Suction Lift Model only)
    • Foot valve – 4” Vertical Flanged p/n CLPFTVLV4VF


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