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January/February 2020

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IQ4 Modular Multi-site ControlIQ4 Platform - Modular Multi-Site Central Control

With a new, modern and responsive user interface, IQ4 is easy to learn and use on any internet connected device. With IQ4 you get real-time access to irrigation schedules and system information to diagnose and solve problems quicker.

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ESP-LXIVM Two-Wire Controller

The ESP-LXIVM offers fast and error-free installation, world-class diagnostics, and an updated version of the industry's favorite programming interface. The Integrated Valve Module (IVM) stays in constant communication with the controller to provide efficient irrigation and advanced diagnostics.

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CLP PumpmNew ACLP and Upgraded CLP Pump Stations

The new ACLP pump station adds new features like enhanced environmental control and onboard filtration options. Our CLP pump station has been enhanced with a new Gould pump, connections, and fittings that speed installation, and features that cut maintenance time and costs.

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Rotor PRS







PRS Study Demonstrates Improved Performance and Water Savings

To prove the benefits of Rain Bird’s PRS technology, an independent study was commissioned at the University of Arizona’s Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science, at the Karsten Turf Research Facility. The study compares the performance characteristics of rotors and sprays with PRS technology vs. similar products without.

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New Product Education Videos for Sprays and Nozzles

New product education videos are short, informative, and give you what you need. You'll get an overview of Rain Bird sprays and nozzles, and how to select the right combination for your property.

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Drip Tip Slopes









Drip Tip: Which Drip Components are Best for High-Impact Sites

When designing a drip system for a median, parkway, or sloped area, use components that reduce maintenance and deliver water directly to the plant's roots zone. We recommend several drip components that will help you achieve these goals.

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