Smart Irrigation Grounds News: Nov/Dec 2019

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Water Efficient Strategies

Strategies for Water-Efficient and Cost-Effective Irrigation

Use the water-efficient strategies in this guide to achieve your organization’s sustainability goals. These strategies include installing products that regulate pressure, using weather data to schedule irrigation, and switching to high-efficiency nozzles. Water- and cost-savings potentials are calculated for several scenarios.

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Need Help with Sports Field Drawings?

Detailed drawings for sports field irrigation products are now available in two popular formats: DWG for AutoCAD users and PDF for easy viewing and printing. Design files are grouped by sport:  baseball, football, soccer, tennis, lacrosse, cricket, and Little League.

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Smart Pump Can Increase Efficiency & Prevent Problems

Pump stations serve a very simple purpose, to deliver the right pressure at the desired flow rate to make irrigation systems perform at their best. Learn how to use the performance curve to understand a pump station's flow and pressure capabilities.


2020 Landscape Irrigation Catalog

New! 2020 Landscape Irrigation Products Catalog

The 2020 Landscape Irrigation Products catalog is now available to download. There is also an interactive, mobile-friendly version of the 2020 catalog for international markets, and versions of the 2019 catalog in Spanish, German and Polish. Click on the interactive catalog and go to the "related publications" folder in the top navigation to view the other versions.

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Agency Rewards Members Don’t Let Your Points Expire

Agency Rewards points earned in 2017 will expire on 12/31/2019. Please log in to your Agency Rewards account to see your point balance and redeem points. Your organization can redeem points for distributor credit good for Rain Bird products and irrigation training.

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