Smart Irrigation Grounds News: Fall 2018

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ESP-LXD Two-Wire Decoder Controller Series: MAXI Cable, Grounding and Surge Protection


The ESP-LXD 2-Wire Decoder Controller provides modular control for irrigation systems up to 200 stations.  Unlike traditionally-wired controllers that power the valve solenoids directly through individual valve wires, the ESP-LXD uses a 2-wire cable to interconnect decoders that control the valve solenoids. In this tip we’ll cover wire, grounding and surge protection requirements for the ESP-LXD.

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Watch: Wire and Wire Splices

Watch: Grounding and Surge Protection

Is My Filter Working? Troubleshooting Tips for Hydraulic Suction Scanner Filters

Hydraulic Suction Scanner Filters

If you use an open water source for irrigation you likely use a self-cleaning hydraulic suction scanning filter to remove contaminants from the water before the water enters the irrigation system. Use these steps to troubleshoot your filter.

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Full Circle R-VAN Nozzles Now Available

Rain Bird R-VAN Rotary Nozzles

The 14', 18' and 24’ Full Circle R-VANs are now available. Use this product reference sheet to select the right adjustable, full-circle or strip R-VAN nozzle for your site.  

R-VAN Family Reference Guide
R-VAN Family Reference Guide - Metric

Strategies for Water-Efficient and Cost-Effective Irrigation

By using the water-efficient strategies outlined in this guide organizations throughout the world are achieving their sustainability goals. This guide focuses on how to decrease water bills while improving the quality of the landscape.

Strategies for Water-Efficient and Cost-Effective Irrigation

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1800-Retro is Easy Way to Convert Spray to Drip

1800-RETRO uses an existing 1804 spray head as the distribution point. Replace internal components and attach fittings and dripline - no digging up the spray body.


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