Smart Irrigation Grounds News: Summer 2018

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Smart Irrigation Month

Smart Irrigation Month Wrap Up — Get the Tips

While Smart Irrigation Month may have wrapped up for 2018 Rain Bird’s dedication to providing the industry’s most comprehensive line of water-efficient irrigation solutions never ends. Over the past month, we shared tips on how to realize water savings using smart control technologies, high-efficiency emission devices and pressure regulation and we’ll continue to bring you more water efficiency tips and education throughout the year.

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ESP-LXD Two-Wire Decoder Controller Series:
2-Wire Path and Layout

ESP-LXDSince a 2-wire system powers the electric solenoids through the 2-wire path, you must be able to provide enough voltage to power all the solenoids on that path. There are limits on the maximum length of the 2-wire critical path depending on the layout and the wire size. This article also covers which Rain Bird valves are compatible with a 2-wire system.


Irrigation Audits

Choose an Irrigation Audit Before You Select Water-Efficient Upgrades

If you manage irrigation systems for sports turf fields or expansive university grounds you have more tools available to efficiently manage and reduce water use than ever before. However, proper planning and design of an irrigation system is the foundation for efficient irrigation.  If you want to improve the efficiency of an existing system(s) start with an irrigation audit to help you select the best water-efficient product upgrades for your system.

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Drip point source emitter

Drip Tip:  Point Source Emitters – The Right Choice for Sparse Plantings

Dripline is most effective in areas where it can be installed on surface with groundcovers and small shrubs, or in a subsurface application for turf. Point source emitters and Root Watering Systems can be the right solution for sparse plantings and a better choice for larger shrubs and trees. These solutions allow you to target water delivery at the root zones.

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XLR Water Jets

XLR Series Water Jets Used at Stade Toulousain Training Center

The new high-end artificial pitch and the Stade Toulousain Training Center covers 9,000m2. The management team and Arnaud Sport chose to install the XLR Series Water Jet to water the pitch. Watering artificial turf decreases the potential risk of injury to players, especially skin burns, and washes away dust and pollutants from the surface.

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