Smart Irrigation Grounds News: July/August 2019

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IA Smart Irrigation Video Contest Winner & Wrap-up Quiz

Congratulations to Michael Guitterez who submitted the winning entry 2019 Irrigation Association’s Smart Irrigation video contest. The video features smart irrigation in action and new technologies, like the ESP-Me and LNK WiFi, that save water and time in maintaining a healthy landscape. Michael is a natural resources specialist with Broward County, Florida's NatureScape Irrigation Service.

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Throughout July we shared smart irrigation tips that help save water and improve system performance.  Reinforce what you've learned, take our short quiz that recaps the tips.

ESP-LXD 2-Wire Controller Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Here are two resources you can use when finding shorts and repairing the two-wire path, programming a flow sensor and FloWatch, and testing decoders. You can use this video series or the troubleshooting guide formatted for mobile devices.

Download the troubleshooting guide formatted for mobile devices.


Choose Drip Control Zone Kits to Simplify Selection and Installation

Control Zone Kit

Drip Control Zone Kits have everything you need for on/off control, filtration and pressure regulation in one unit. Using control zone kits ensures you are using the right components for the flow requirements and project type.

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Q2 2019 Agency Rewards Points Available


Points for purchases made from April-June 2019 have been added to Agency Rewards member accounts. Please check your Agency Rewards account point balance and 2019 purchases reported to ensure all purchase amounts have been reported.

Check your balances and redeem points here.


Product Spotlight:  Flexible Drainage Pipe & Channel Drain Videos

Rain Bird's Flexible Drain Pipe expands and bends for faster and easier installs vs. standard corrugated pipe, and is the perfect complement to our Channel Drains.

Flexible Drain Pipe

Channel Drain

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