Smart Irrigation Grounds News: Sept/Oct 2019

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2020 Landscape Irrigation Catalog

New! 2020 Landscape Irrigation Products Catalog

The 2020 Landscape Irrigation Products catalog is now available to download. There is also an interactive, mobile-friendly version of the 2020 catalog for international markets, and versions of the 2019 catalog in Spanish, German and Polish. Click on the interactive catalog and go to the "related publications" folder in the top navigation to view the other versions.

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ESP-LXME Controller

Quick Guide for Troubleshooting the ESP-LXME Controller

The ESP-LXME controller includes diagnostic and status functions to help you troubleshoot and pinpoint the source of the problem. Consult this quick guide when you need to troubleshoot controller alarms, programming, valve, flow sensors and much more.

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Use Root Watering Systems For Healthy Tree Growth

Healthy trees provide inviting and cool shade, take in CO2 and add visual interest to landscapes. Keep them healthy from transplant and beyond with Root Watering Systems (RWS). RWS helps trees develop healthy root systems for decades of growth and vitality.


CLP Pump Station Performance Chart

How Do I Know What a Pump Station Can Deliver?

Pump stations serve a very simple purpose, to deliver the right pressure at the desired flow rate to make irrigation systems perform at their best. Learn how to use the performance curve to understand a pump station's flow and pressure capabilities.

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How to Install a Rain Bird Drainage System

Designed to work together, Rain Bird’s complete line of drainage products can help you efficiently manage run-off and surface drainage for virtually any residential, commercial or municipal site.


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