Sustainability In 2022 And Beyond

Since developing the original horizontal action impact drive sprinkler in the 1930s, Rain Bird has been dedicated to the Intelligent Use Of Water. Our products are designed to reduce water waste with hardware and software monitoring, ultimately saving users time and money — and conserving water, too.

With the global water crisis becoming devastating and water shortage affecting billions of people, we must do everything in our power to conserve the world’s most precious resource — water.

Water-Saving Projects Define Rain Bird’s History

In 2006, Rain Bird worked with the PBS show This Old House to design an irrigation system to run almost entirely off of reclaimed water. In fact, the development team was able to take a problem that the land had experienced of pooling water and damaging the home’s structure and, instead, turn it into a way to collect, store, and reuse water.

In 2010, Rain Bird developed a custom irrigation system for Columbia University to enhance the campus’s sustainability efforts. The Landscape and Grounds team lauded the new Rain Bird system for preventing wasted water, providing actionable data from flow meters, and allowing for single-station monitoring. After just a few months of use, the team estimated that the water and electricity savings were around 20%.

Sustainability In 2022 And Beyond

In 2021, Rain Bird donated time and resources to Island Harvest Food Bank’s Healthy Harvest Farm to put a drip irrigation system in place. This style of irrigation reduces water waste and improves plant health, due to watering plants directly at the root. 

Looking Ahead To 2022 And Beyond

In a recently released statement, Rain Bird laid out our top corporate goals for creating a more sustainable future and reiterated our commitment to water conservation.

Many of our products already have earned EPA WaterSense certification, but we are dedicated to achieving this certification for our products for every category in which this certification is available. We also aim to ensure that all of our product categories have at least one model that is suitable for use with reclaimed water.

We have always been dedicated to quality and will continue to be so. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products that ensure long product life, thereby reducing their total carbon footprint.

Our engineering teams work to drive progress with Rain Bird products. From features like FloManager™ and FloWatch™ to smart controllers like the award-winning ESP-LXIVM to our easy-to-use app, Rain Bird and our employees are constantly innovating new, intelligent, and convenient ways to conserve water. In 2022 and beyond, we aim to provide global leadership in the importance of these irrigation technologies as we continue to innovate systems that lead their categories in water conservation performance.

How You Can Help Save Water

Our Rain Bird products are known for their efficiency and environmentalism. Whether you’re seeking to irrigate a farm, a corporate campus, or your own home, Rain Bird has the solutions you need to use water intelligently.

Drip irrigation is one of the most efficient ways to water your plants. If you have a garden, consider installing a Rain Bird drip watering system. If you’re an irrigation professional, take your water management to the next level with iQ4.

Find ways to save water through your everyday actions, like watering your lawn and plants during the cooler parts of the day and monitoring your system for inefficiencies. Follow Rain Bird’s water-saving tips year round, not just during Smart Irrigation Month!

Make a difference yourself by working at Rain Bird! We are always searching for engineers, programmers, salespeople, and other professionals who want to promote the Intelligent Use of Water. From developing new products and advanced irrigation technologies to educating our community about sustainable water use, these skills are in high demand. Join the team at Rain Bird and help us help the world use water intelligently in 2022 and beyond.

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