Rain Bird® Landscape & Garden Drip Watering Kit: Save Time and Water

Rain Bird® Landscape & Garden Drip Watering Kit: Save Time and Water

Drip irrigation systems are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to spend less time and effort watering their plants. Whether you’ve recently started gardening or are a seasoned pro, Rain Bird’s Landscape & Garden Drip Watering Kit is an easy and efficient way to install your own drip irrigation system. Known for having a wide range of benefits, drip systems lead to reduced water usage, a lower water bill, and healthier plants.  This all-in-one drip system can be used in any outdoor area and is ideal for keeping vegetable gardens, landscaping, and potted plants lush and vibrant.

Benefits of Drip Irrigation

Who doesn’t want more time in their day? Instead of having to water every plant yourself, water releases from drippers that you place along the tube by your plants. Each dripper has a specific flow rate that drips water over the roots of nearby plants. The flow rate is measured in gallons per hour (GPH) and is timed depending on climate. For example, small shrubs do best with two or three drippers that release water at 1GPH for 30 minutes per week in mild weather. The kit also includes adjustable bubblers and micro sprays, whose flow rate can be adjusted to suit the needs of your plants.

Generally, it is best to water your plants 1-2 days a week during cooler weather, 2-3 days a week in mild weather, and 3-4 days a week during hot weather. With our drip kit, it’s recommended to add an Electronic Garden Hose Watering Timer to automate watering for even more efficiency.

Because of the direct water source, less water is lost due to evaporation, runoff, and wind. There are also less weeds due to the lack of water in the surrounding soil. Plus, plants are not as likely to form mildew on their leaves, leading to healthier plants.

Getting Started

Our DIY kit makes it easy to start getting the benefits of a drip irrigation system. It features half-inch distribution tubing to lay out around your garden or landscaping plus ¼” tubing to reach individual plants or bushes. Ten 1GPH and ten 2GPH drippers are included to water up to 20 plants. The Landscape & Garden Drip Watering Kit also includes 2 adjustable bubblers and 4 adjustable micro sprays to water larger shrubs or flower beds.

There are a few simple steps to put together a drip system. No digging or plumbing is required, and everything you need is provided in the kit. First, map out where the irrigation tubing will run from and note how many plants you need to water. Next, connect the tube to the water source using the faucet adapter. Then lead ¼” tubing out from the ½” distribution tubing to individual plants. And finally, attach the appropriate dripper, bubbler or micro spray to the end of the ¼”tubing. 

Learn More

We have additional resources if you’d like to learn more about installing a drip system, such as videos, a drip watering guide, and FAQ sheet. You’re well on your way to saving more time while maintaining the garden of your dreams.

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