How FloManager™ And FloWatch™ Can Help You Save Water And Money

Rain Bird takes water management seriously. Our core principle is The Intelligent Use Of Water™, and that’s something we commit to with every product we develop. Two technology features that are included in many of our controllers that help conserve water are our FloManager and FloWatch.

FloManager and FloWatch Technology From Rain Bird

FloManager is a function that smartly allocates water resources to your stations based on need and availability. It improves overall system efficiency by managing multiple stations’ water flows at the same time and maximizing volume.

For each flow zone, FloManager works with SimulStations to prioritize flow based on available resources. For example, if the zone has 20 GPM of total flow, and two stations that are each consuming 6 GPM are in operation, FloManager will find a station that consumes 8 GPM or less to run at the same time.

FloWatch uses flow sensors to monitor flow rates. The system learns the ideal flow rates for all stations within a zone. Then, the user can set alarms and take action when the system identifies low flow or excess flow. The system can even self-diagnose and make adjustments to eliminate the problem.

Rain Bird technology is designed by our engineers to work best when used as a system. These two functions are most efficient when used together, along with flow sensors to measure actual flow rates. FloManager and FloWatch are included in many controllers, including the award-winning ESP-LXIVM.

How These Functions Help Conserve Water

FloWatch senses excess flow situations and turns off the valve. This prevents over-watering and flooded landscapes. The system can also sense low flow and make necessary adjustments. Without FloWatch’s help, the low flow situation could result in plant loss.

FloWatch can also act as an early warning system for issues with your irrigation. A high flow could mean a mainline break or a valve stuck in the open position. A low flow could mean pump failure, a municipal water issue, or a broken valve. By monitoring your flow rates with FloWatch, you are alerted quickly to problems that could result in costly repairs if not acted upon.

FloManager is ideal for running programs smartly and efficiently. With FloManager optimizing water use by station, large properties can get through their entire watering program in less time. FloManager also ensures that sufficient water pressure is reaching all running stations, preventing under or overwatering.

Working In Tech At Rain Bird Makes A Difference 

FloManager and FloWatch wouldn’t exist without our stellar team of engineers. Our technical and software engineers generate ideas for these tools and other ways of conserving water, then develop the programs from the ground up. Rain Bird is proud to be a technology company that makes a real difference through water conservation! Our engineers are able to use and see the results of their work, as well as know the impact that they make.

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