Spotlight On Our Values: Innovation and Entrepreneurial Behavior



At Rain Bird, we take our mission to be the global irrigation industry leader while promoting The Intelligent Use of Water™ very seriously, and we know that innovation is key to leading the way in our field. One of Rain Bird’s core values is our dedication to technological advances and innovation, and we’ve built a culture that encourages our employees to be creative and innovative in their work.


Whether we’re refining our automatic irrigation products, developing new technologies, or perfecting our award-winning controllers, our Rain Bird team is ahead of the curve when it comes to technological advances. Our product managers stay on top of market trends and technologies from other industries to see where the market needs are and how new tech can be adapted to meet them. “Rain Bird is constantly using its engineering workforce to explore how we can more effectively deliver water for its intended purpose,” says Brad Dolbin, Global Product Development Manager.

Learning & Professional Development

At Rain Bird, employees are always learning. Rain Bird invests in their personal development and growth in many ways, including by making educational reimbursements part of our benefits package. Silvia Gourian, Distributor Manager, says that she’s been encouraged to take classes that will help her become better at her job. She’s been told, “Sylvia, think of two things that you want to learn in this year and we want you to get paid for it” and she’s had both the support and the incentive she needs to tackle new skills and grow in her career. 


The drive to keep learning is also important to Tania Gallardo, Senior Global Recruiter. “That hunger for learning new things or for new projects,” as she describes it. “Thinking outside the box.” Rain Bird fosters that out-of-the-box thinking in its employees because we know that it’s critical for innovation.

Entrepreneurial Behavior in a Collaborative Environment

Rain Bird cultivates an entrepreneurial atmosphere. Tom Marek, Marketing Manager, E-Commerce, says, “You work for a very small company that really values individual contribution and they value an individual's ability to push and drive things.” Randy Montgomery, Early New Product Research, says that at Rain Bird, “[t]he employees are expected to help drive the technology and the business. We encourage all of our employees to bring ideas.” In the past, that encouragement has even taken the form of competitions and awards for new product ideas, Randy says. Brad shares that “[e]ngineers at Rain Bird are encouraged to innovate and are rewarded when these innovations result in patent approval.”


Rain Bird employees are offered a lot of ownership over their work. Brittany Borden, Specification & Municipal Sales Manager, appreciates the flexibility. “I either do well or I don’t,” she says, “and it’s a direct result of my performance as an individual. I have all the flexibility I need to handle the business however I want.” 


That flexibility comes with the support of a collaborative team. “People are really focused on working with each other and helping each other get the project done,” says Brendon Hicks, Software Development Manager. “Everybody feels very free to discuss what the best approach is.” Brendon says that he was told in his interview that Rain Bird has a very flat hierarchy, and he’s found that people at all levels make themselves available to their colleagues.

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