rc2_copy RC2

Speed comes standard.


The idea of configuring countless controllers in a tract community is a painful and repetitive one. Unless you are using schedule templates from Rain Bird - they allow you to instantly send commonly used schedules, cutting set-up to the blink of an eye.


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Saving time starts with access.


Time can't be manufactured. But with innovation like Rain Bird's Smart Controllers we can make things easier and faster. They are designed with contractors in mind to save time, money, and water.


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RC2 App RC2 App

Be a smooth operator.

Quick Pair Technology allows pairing of your smart phone right from the app without complications. From there, the built-in access point allows you to program everything without an active WiFi network which is great for new construction installations.


Some things just get better.

40 years ago we introduced the first RC Controller and it has stood the test of time with many of them still in use. Today the RC2 Smart Controller evokes the same confidence and peace of mind because of next generation in technology.

Multiple controllers multiple controllers

More options to get what you need.

Many of our popular controllers can be upgraded with our LNK2 WiFi Module in seconds without any tools! Simply insert the module into an existing controller and use our seamless Quick Pair Technology to be up and running in no time.

Device with app in person's hands Smartphone with app in person's hands

Always know the answer.

From another jobsite or a backyard barbecue you'll rest easy knowing that the Rain Bird App will keep you alerted and up-to-date with notifications. Should the weather turn or something springs a leak - you can react from the palm of your hand to take over and handle the situation.