RC2 Smart Controller

The Complete Smart Control Solution


Maximize Control and Productivity

  • Access from anywhere in the world with the New FREE, Ultra-Fast and Intuitive Rain Bird 2.0 App
  • Maximize Water Savings with features that save up to 50% in water usage.
  • Increase Productivity with powerful, unique features developed with the Professional Irrigation contractor in mind.


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Remote Management and Control
With our free 2.0 App you can use your phone like a wireless remote to water a single zone, all zones, or set a custom schedule.
Remotely manage the RC2 controller from the IQ Central Control dashboard.  
Perform batch editing to groups of controllers. Example: Apply rain delay to all properties in an HOA all at once.
Smart and Responsible
WaterSense certified with superior programming capabilities designed to meet the most stringent water restrictions.
Weather data from local weather sources automatically adjusts run times on a daily basis. Your yard receives only the water it needs while saving up to 50% in water.
Unlock Automatic Rain Delay, Seasonal Adjust & Cycle and Soak and maximize water-saving capabilities.
Increase Productivity
Powerful, unique features developed with the professional irrigation contractor in mind.
Create and store your 3 most used programs as templates for expedient setup.
Guest Mode provides quick on-site access when WiFi is not available. Load a saved template in Guest Mode and have irrigation ready to go in less than one minute!
Shared Access allows the owner to share or revoke remote access from their mobile device for as long as needed.
Convenient Filter and Search capabilities allow you to pull up sites by name, address, or more.


Operating Specifications
2.4 GHz (only) WiFi router compatible with WEP and WPA security settings
Compatible with iOS 8.0 and Android 6 (Marshmallow) or later mobile devices
Operating Temperature: 14° F (-10° C) to 149°F (65°C)
Storage Temperature: -40°F (-40°C) to 150°F (66°C)
Operating Humidity: 95% max @ 40°F to 120°F (4°C to 49°C) non-condensing environment
Master Valve Control
Pre-Installed Power Cord (120V Model Only)
8-Station Capacity
4, 6, and 8 station indoor only models available in some international markets.
3 Programs, 4 Start times/program
Electrical Specifications
Input required: 120V∿, 60Hz,0.23A(International models:230V∿, 50-60Hz, 0.14A)
Output: 24V~, 60Hz, 1.0A Maximum (International models: 24V~, 50-60Hz, 1.0A Maximum) for outdoor models, .6A Maximum for indoor models
Regulatory Compliance
120V Models: UL, FCC, ISED
230V Outdoor Models: CE, UKCA, ACMA RCM
230V Indoor Models: CE


Width: 7.92 in. (20.1 cm)
Height: 7.86 in. (20.0 cm)
Depth: 3.51 in. (9.0 cm)
Indoor Only Models (for some international markets): Height: 16.8 cm, Width: 16.7 cm, Depth: 4 cm

Model Comparison


  • RC2-120V: 8-station
  • 230VAC

  • RC2-230V: 8-station, Outdoor
  • RC2I4-230V:  4 Station, Indoor
  • RC2I6-230V:  6 Station, Indoor
  • RC2I8-230V:  8 Station, Indoor
  • Australia

  • RC2-AUS: 8-station Australia
  • Accessories

  • WR2-RFC: Rain + Freeze Combo
  • WR2-48: Rain + Freeze Combo with 48-hour hold
  • RSD-BEx: Rain sensor w/ latching bracket, extension wire
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