ESP-LXME2 & ESP-LXME2 PRO Modular Controllers

Next generation in control for traditionally wired irrigation systems

The popular Rain Bird LXME Series commercial controllers have been upgraded now offering 40 programs, a large backlit LCD screen, and simplified programming. The LXME2 is a fully modular controller allowing the user to customize station capacity from 12 to 48 stations and upgrade to the LXME2 PRO by purchasing the PRO controller or installing the Pro Smart Module. The LXME2 PRO gives the user access to one flow sensor input, advanced flow management capabilities, and a second MV2/P pump start output.



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Compatible with IQ4: Allowing users to control/ monitor 1 to 1000s of controllers from their computer or mobile device


Modular Design
Easy upgrade from LXME to LXME2 by swapping the front panel*
12-station base unit expandable to 48 stations with (4) 12-station modules
Access a flow sensor and a second MV2/P booster pump start circuit or normally closed master valve by upgrading to the LXME2 PRO. To upgrade, purchase the LXME2 PRO controller or the Pro Smart Module can be purchased separately.
*LXME2 controllers only accept 12 station modules
Intuitive Operation
40 programs allow for ultimate flexibility in irrigation schedueling
Large backlit LCD display with easy to navigate softkey user interace
Copy and paste functions for easy programming of multiple stations
Powerful Water Management
FloManager™ manages hydraulic demand, making full use of available water to shorten total watering time
SimulStations™ are programmable to allow up to 5 stations to operate at the same time (Max 2 SimulStations per station module)
LXME2 PRO models include additional flow management capability and an additional second MV2/P for station level booster pump control 


Water Management Features
FloManager™ manages hydraulic demand, making full use of available water to shorten total watering time
SimulStations™ are programmable to allow up to 5 stations to operate at the same time
Water Windows by program plus Manual MV Water Window
Cycle+Soak™ by station
Rain Delay
365-Day Calendar Day Off
Programmable Station Delay by program
Weather Sensor programmable by station to prevent or pause watering
Program or Global Monthly Seasonal Adjust
PRO Models Only
PRO features can be accessed by installing the LXME2 PRO Controller or by replacing the LXME2 base module with a PRO Smart Module (PSM-LXME2)
FloWatch™ protection for high and low flow conditions with user defined reactions
Flow sensing capability (1 input)
Learn Flow - Automatically Learn Flow rates based on real-time usage
Flow Usage Totalizer
MV2/P - Additional 2nd booster pump start circuit or normally closed master valve programmable by station
Diagnostic Features
Alarm light with external case lens
External alarm port (0.1A max)
Program summary and review
RASTER™ station wiring test
Operating Specifications
Station run timing: up to 96 hrs continuous runtime
Seasonal Adjust: 0% to 300% (16 hrs maximum station run time)
40 independent programs (programs can overlap)
10 start times per program
Program Day Cycles include: custom days of the week, odd, odd no 31st, even, and cyclical dates
Manual station start, manual program start, test all Stations
Electrical Specifications
Input required: 120 VAC ± 10%, 60Hz; 230 VAC +10% -6%, 50 Hz.
Output: 26.5 VAC 1.9A
Power back-up: Lithium coin-cell battery maintains time and date while nonvolatile memory maintains the schedule
Multi-valve capacity: Maximum five 24 VAC, 7 VA solenoid valves simultaneous operation including the master valve, maximum two solenoid valves per station module
Retrofit Applications: Previous generation LXME controllers can be upgraded with LXME2 hardware
Cabinet - LXME era cabinets (chassis) are compatible with LXME2 hardware and do not need to be upgraded
Faceplate - LXME faceplate can be swapped with an LXME2 faceplate (LXME2FP)
12 Station Modules (ESP-LXM-SM12) - Existing wiring to 12 station modules can remain unchanged
4 & 8 Station Modules - Not supported (replace with ESP-LXM-SM12)
Base Module (BM2-LXME) - Is compatible with the LXME2
Flow Smart Module (FSM-LXME) - Not supported (replace with PSM-LXME2)
Flow Smart IQ Connection Module (IQ-FSCMLXME) - Not supported (replace with IQ-PSCMLXME2).
6 Pin Remotes - Not compatible with LXME2


Width: 14.32 in. (36,4 cm) Height:12.69 in. (32,2 cm) Depth: 5.50 in. (14,0 cm)

Model Comparison

  • ESPLXME2 -  Controller DOM 120V
  • ESPLXME2P - Pro Controller DOM 120V
  • IESPLXME2 - Controller International 230V
  • IESPLXME2P - Pro Controller International 230V
  • ILXME2AU - Controller Australia 230V
  • ILXME2PAU - Pro Controller Australia 230V
  • LXME2FP - Spare Panel
  • PSMLXME2 - Pro Smart Module
  • IQ-PSCM-LXM - Pro Smart IQ Connection module (for LXME2)
  • ESPLXMSM12 - 12-Station Module for LXME2/ PRO Controllers
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